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what animal is making dirt mounds in my yard

What Animal is Making Dirt Mounds in My Yard? [Solved!]

Few things are more frustrating than finding dirt mounds in your yard. After all, you work hard to keep your lawn and garden beautiful, and dirt mounds destroy your grass, damage your garden and kill your ornamental plants. They can even create tripping hazards that make your yard dangerous. Are you wondering what animal is the culprit behind all this

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what animal is digging holes in my yard

What Animal is Digging Holes in My Yard? (& How to Stop Them!)

You’ve worked hard to cultivate a beautiful yard, but suddenly it’s full of unsightly holes. Now, you’re wondering what animal is digging holes in your yard and how to stop the damage. Don’t worry – we’ve got the answer for you! At Smith’s Pest Management, we help people eliminate destructive, damaging pests daily in the San Francisco Bay Area, so

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5 Animals That Burrow Under Concrete (& How to Stop Them)

Out in the woods, digging animals are an essential part of the ecosystem. They aerate the soil, create important habitats for other creatures, and control insects and other pests. In urban and residential areas, though, animals that burrow under concrete can wreak havoc on homes and structures. If you’re wondering, “what is digging holes around my foundation?” you’re not alone.

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do ground squirrels hibernate in the winter

Do Ground Squirrels Hibernate in the Winter? What You Need to Know

Winter has arrived, which means most pests should be taking a break, right? Wrong. If you live in California, one critter you likely won’t get a winter break from is the California ground squirrel. While these rodents may be less visible during the winter, they are no less active. In this blog, we’ll share a few critical California ground squirrel

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