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what do ground squirrels eat

What Do Ground Squirrels Eat? Their 5 Favorite Foods

Ground squirrels are voracious eaters, and they love to chow down on seeds, roots, fruit, insects, and leafy, green vegetation. Part of what makes ground squirrels so challenging to live with is the fact that they love to dig up newly planted seeds in gardens and will quickly destroy even the most manicured outdoor space. Here at Smith’s Pest Management,

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what do gophers eat

What Do Gophers Eat? A List of Their Favorite Foods

Gophers are destructive rodents. They dig burrows, create soil mounds, and consume various foods – destroying lawns and gardens in the process. If you’re dealing with a gopher problem, it’s important to know what they eat and how to secure or eliminate those food sources on your property. Here at Smith’s Pest Management, we help customers in the San Francisco

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how to trap ground squirrels

How to Trap Ground Squirrels Like a Pro: 6 Easy Steps

Are ground squirrels destroying your yard or garden? If so, you don’t have to sit by and watch the damage continue. By learning how to trap ground squirrels, you can eliminate these destructive rodents and reclaim your outdoor space quickly and easily. In this blog, we’ll teach you the exact trapping techniques we use in the field, so you can

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