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Green Pest Control Solutions For Bay Area Homes & Businesses​

You don’t have to live with ants in your kitchen or other pests infesting your home or businesses. And really, you shouldn’t. Though they may seem harmless, left untreated, insects and rodents have the ability to damage structures, belongings, and products. They can also compromise your health and safety.

At Smith’s, we understand the risks pests pose to people and property. Using green pest control solutions that are tough on pests but not the environment, we are ready to help property owners throughout the Bay Area!

We are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations. Should a pest problem arise in between services, we will come back out and re-treat at no charge to you!

Our Green Pest Control Process

As a leader in green, low toxicity, and organic pest solutions, we make it our mission to resolve pests problems without the unnecessary use of conventional pesticides. When you choose our team of pest control professionals to rid your home or business of infestations, here’s what you can expect:


A Thorough Inspection

A Smith’s Pest Management technician will perform a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of the house or structure and surrounding property including the immediate perimeter and yard.  We’ll identify pest activity, evaluate environmental factors such as landscaping, sources of water/moisture, breeding habitats, and determine what harborages and conditions are attracting pests in the first place.


Customized Pest Control Plan

Based on our findings, we’ll design and implement a treatment program to bring current pest issues under control.  This includes the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices and techniques that focus on not only eliminating pests that have infested but also addresses the source(s) of the problem. 


Ongoing Pest Control Services

Once we’ve eliminated the existing pest problem, we’ll focus our efforts on preventing new activity from occurring. Our customers love the fact that we will visit their home or business twice a month to stop damaging pests in their tracks. During each ongoing pest control service, your pest control professional will treat the exterior with low toxicity and organic products, monitor previously installed exclusion barriers, bait stations, and yellow jacket traps, if part of your plan.

Nancy G. - Atherton, CA

“For years I’ve raised all the produce in my garden that we eat in our home. One year we started having gopher problems. When I contacted a local pest control company they wanted to use poison which we did not agree with. Smiths offered a non toxic and effective approach to getting rid of my gophers, moles, and rats.”