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California Pest Control Resources

The California Department of Pesticides regulates the sale and use of pesticides in California. Their website provides information on pesticide laws and regulations, licensing, pesticide safety, and enforcement.

The CPCA is a professional organization for pest management professionals in California. Their website provides industry news, educational resources, and information on regulations affecting pest control businesses and professionals.

The California Legislative Information website allows you to search for current and past California legislation, including bills related to pest control and pesticide regulation. You can find information on recently passed laws, proposed bills, and statutory codes.

UC IPM provides research-based information on pest management strategies for California agriculture, urban environments, and natural resources. Their website offers pest identification tools, pest management guidelines, and educational resources for homeowners, businesses, and pest control professionals.

The SPCB regulates and licenses pest control businesses and professionals in California. Their website provides resources for consumers, including information on hiring a pest control operator, consumer protection tips, and complaint resolution procedures.

The California Food and Agricultural Code consolidates state laws governing agriculture, including food safety, animal health, and pest control.

California Assembly Bill 1322 proposes the establishment of the Fast Food Industry Council to set standards for wages and working conditions in the sector. The bill aims to create a fair and equitable environment for fast food employees across California.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) provides annual summaries of legislation impacting pesticide regulation, including bills passed by the state legislature.

The DPR compiles reports on pesticide regulatory issues, research findings, and legislative matters affecting pesticide use in the state. These reports provide comprehensive information for stakeholders and policymakers to enhance understanding and governance of pesticide-related activities.

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation also provides guidance on the use of pesticides in cannabis cultivation, ensuring compliance with state laws. 

The California Business and Professions Code contains the laws regulating business practices, professional conduct, and licensing requirements across various trades and professions. It serves as a comprehensive legal framework to ensure ethical standards and consumer protection in California’s business environment.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) oversees the regulation of pesticides to protect human health and the environment. This resource outlines the EPA’s regulatory responsibilities, including pesticide registration, risk assessment, compliance monitoring, and enforcement of safety standards.