Why Keeping Squirrels Out Of Your San Francisco Bay Area Yard Is So Important

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Chubby cheeks and fluffy tails might fool you into thinking these animals are cuddly backyard companions, but their dangerous behavior and destructive actions speak louder than their public image.

Squirrels are some of the most common wildlife you can find hanging around the Southern Bay area. Measuring about the same size as a common house rat (seven inches long without the tail), these mammals can appear in color variations of brown, grey, black, and white. Their long, fur-covered tails and large buck teeth make them comical members of the California backyard scene. Although they appear cute and even innocent, squirrels are known for causing extensive problems for homeowners and businesses alike. Squirrels are voracious eaters and will dig up lawns, garden beds, orchards, and farmland in search of their next meal. Their food-storing behavior will often lead them to stack large amounts of fruits and nuts in less-than-convenient locales around the property. Further, their winter hibernation instinct will prompt them to search for refuge in any place possible, including the attic of your home. Using their teeth and claws, squirrels will quickly carve out a comfortable resting site, as well as a veritable paradise in which to raise the next generation. If not stopped quickly, squirrels can cause extensive damage to homes and lawns.

Why Preventing Squirrel Activity Is The Best Pest Defense

Wild rodents such as squirrels choose their next home according to the convenient amenities and perks it can provide, which usually means the comfort of your attic or yard. There are three factors in particular that draw squirrels to a home or business property. Simply following the best home maintenance practices regarding squirrel activity is an excellent method of prevention and protection no matter the property you own.

  • Install a chimney cap on any fireplace stacks in the home.
  • Remove easily accessible food sources from the lawn such as birdseed and suet.
  • Use mulches or peat rock in place of soil to discourage digging and nesting behavior.

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Trust Smith’s Pest Management To Keep Your Bay Area Yard Safe

Any squirrel can become a problem squirrel, causing destruction to orchards, building structures and foundations, porches and decks, and lush lawns and gardens all throughout the Bay area.

Unfortunately, it isn’t a simple process to remove a problem squirrel or nest once they have sufficiently established themselves in a certain area. Their sometimes aggressive behavior, sharp teeth and claws, and innate ability to spread diseases make them a formidable opponent at best. To further complicate the matter, many laws and sets of red tape exist to protect the trapping and relocation of squirrels. Even if homeowners believe they can handle a squirrel infestation on their own, doing so is dangerous. That is why relying on the skills of the experts at Smith’s Pest Management is the best possible defense against squirrel activity both in the home and on the lawn.

For assistance with squirrel prevention in your home or business or for professionally licensed wildlife removal services, contact the professionals at Smith’s Pest Management now.

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Author Bio: Zach Smith

Landscape Pro Turned Gopher Pro: Owner, Zach Smith, graduate of Cal Poly’s Horticulture program worked nine years as a landscape professional- dealing with gophers, moles, and ground squirrels and was quickly recruited by other local gardeners. Fast forward to the past 15+ years, where Zach and his team trap and remove burrowing pests from residential, municipal and commercial properties throughout the San Francisco Bay area, from Marin to Monterey.