The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your San Francisco Bay Area Home

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The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your San Francisco Bay Area Home

Spiders are a common sight in San Francisco Bay Area homes, though they don’t have to be. There is a trick to keeping spiders out. If you know the trick, you can significantly reduce spider infestation. Before we tell you the trick, there are a few things you should know about spiders.

What You Should Know Most About Spiders In San Francisco

Most spiders in San Francisco don’t present a threat to you. In fact, spiders are a benefit. They help with the control of other, far more dangerous, pests, and they can help you protect your garden vegetables and landscape vegetation from insects. The goal should never be to get rid of all the spiders around your home but to keep spider populations low and keep them away from your exterior walls as much as possible. This will let them provide their benefits without invading your space.

wolf spider


There are many things that can attract spiders. If you reduce these attractants, you’ll have fewer problems with spiders.

  • Reduce insects to reduce spiders’ food source. You can do this by reducing exterior light around your exterior at night, keeping trash in clean and sealed receptacles, and by keeping your lawn trimmed.

  • Reduce invertebrates to reduce this food source. Many bugs are attracted to moist conditions—so are many insects. It is vital to maintain a perimeter that is not oversaturated. One of the best ways to do this is to keep your gutters clean of obstructions.

  • Reduce standing water. When rainwater turns into puddles, the creatures around your home will take notice. When rainwater is captured in a toy that is sitting in your yard, you’re providing a drinking hole for every critter in nature, including spiders. Address standing water and remove items that capture rainwater.

  • Reduce hiding places. Many spider species, especially the spiders that are considered a medical threat, will be drawn to your yard if you provide hiding places. Remove yard clutter and fill in ground holes to make your yard less interesting.



There are ways to maintain the outside of your home to reduce spiders and prevent unwanted entry.

  • Web removal is key. Many spider species create egg sacs in their webs. These sacs can have as many as 300 eggs in them. That’s a lot of spiders waiting to hatch. If you remove spider webs, you have a direct impact on spider populations.

  • Trim vegetation away from your exterior. Spiders climb around in vegetation. If your vegetation is touching your exterior walls, it increases your chances of spiders getting inside.

  • Create space between plants. Airflow through your landscaping can keep your topsoil dry, and remove hiding places for spiders and other pests. An open landscape is a pest-resistant landscape.

  • Seal potential entry points. Spiders don’t chew a hole to get into your home. They get in through entry points that already exist. If you seal these entry points, you can keep spiders out. Do a detailed inspection, particularly around doors, windows, and foundation penetrations, and seal any holes you find.


Interior Spider Management

If spiders get inside, there are a few things you can do to deter them from growing a population and being active in your common areas.

  • Suck up spider webs. In the same way that spider web removal can reduce spiders around your home, it can also remove them from your interior. You can even suck up the spiders themselves.

  • Elevate boxes in storage and move them away from the walls. This makes it harder for spiders to use this as hiding places.

  • Manage interior pests. Fewer interior pests means less food for spiders. This can prevent spiders from reproducing quickly.


Professional Spider Control

While you can manage your home in a way that will reduce spider encounters to a level that is acceptable for you, it can be a lot of work. We can help reduce your workload by providing your exterior with industry-leading, green pest control. Our licensed professionals apply low toxicity and organic products to manage the pests that spiders eat. They also remove exterior webs and the hundreds of spider eggs that can be inside of those webs. And, if spiders ever become a problem inside your home, we provide interior treatments as needed. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, reach out to us today.

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