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Gophers are frustrating pests for homeowners and commercial facility owners alike. When a gopher moves in, it brings all kinds of problems with it. It will get into landscaping and feed on herbaceous plants, flowering plants, bulbs, shrubs, and more.

It will tunnel under the yard and damage the grass as it feeds on the roots and the grass itself. It will tunnel under trees, especially saplings, and feed on the roots and bark. It will destroy vegetable plants, fruit trees, vines and other crops. It will create dangerous holes that can lead to personal injury, especially in a large soccer field where kids are running around.

The common areas you’ll find gopher damage will be near a food source. But, since they have such a wide variety of food sources to choose from, there really aren’t common areas to look for gopher damage. The damage could be anywhere.The damage that gophers do can also be underneath the ground. Their tunneling activities can damage utility cables that run beneath the ground. They can damage water lines, irrigation pipes, and sprinkler systems. If you’re dealing with power problems, water problems or your sprinklers aren’t working right, it might be a gopher issue. If a gopher is to blame, you’re likely to see gopher holes.

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Anatomy of a Gopher Hole

There are a few pests that can create holes in your yard and it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which pest you’re dealing with. Fortunately, gopher holes offer many clues to their origin.

  • If there is a pile of dirt around a gopher hole, it will usually be in a fan shape on one side of the hole. Gophers make slanted tunnels and as they push the dirt out it usually ends up on one side of the hole. It is possible to find a gopher hole with a dirt mound all the way around; it’s just not common.
  • When gophers create holes in a yard, they often create several holes near each other, making the ground look like swiss cheese. Moles, on the other hand, will have several feet or more between their holes. Keep in mind that you won’t always find several holes. You may only find one hole. It is just more common to find groups of holes when gophers are involved.
  • If you’re dealing with an active gopher, you should see a pile of fresh dirt plugging the entrance to the hole. This plug is created by the gopher after it is done feeding.
  • The dirt of a gopher pile will be smooth and powdery. You won’t see chunks of soil in the mound like a mound created by a mole.
  • If a gopher hole isn’t plugged, you should be able to see right down into the tunnel and even put your arm in that hole.
  • Old holes will usually look like a patch of compacted dirt with dead grass around it.

Homeowners vs Gophers

These lawn-damaging, landscape-ruining, garden-destroying pests are a serious annoyance for homeowners. But they can also be costly. Those plants aren’t cheap. And the money that is often wasted trying to unsuccessfully control gophers can be surprising. It is best to have a professional gopher trapper provide service and insight regarding the management of gopher threats.

Business owners vs Gophers

The loss of profit that can result from damaged plants makes professional gopher service an easy decision. It just makes sense. But there are many commercial facilities that can be adversely impacted by the presence of gophers in ways that are harder to calculate. The finances may be lost in maintenance costs, water leakage, grass seed, low customer retention due to an unsightly landscape, and more. If you’re seeing gopher holes, get an expert opinion on how to get rid of gophers. Find out how those gophers can impact your bottom line and take action to mitigate the damage.

If you live or operate a commercial facility in the Greater Bay Area, the team at Smith’s Pest Management is standing by to assist you with ground-dwelling pests and the threats they pose. We offer safe and effective control services for gophers, moles, meadow voles, rats, and ground squirrels. Reach out to us today for assistance.