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Fleas are an unfortunate part of life for many homes in the San Francisco Bay Area, but especially for pet owners. Because of the warm climate year-round, they’re able to stay active and find plenty of appetizing people and pets to feed off of. Between the itchy and annoying bites and the health complications those bites can bring, fleas are a serious pest that can’t be allowed to persist in homes they infest.

If your Bay Area home has come under flea infestation, don’t wait: contact the professionals at Smith’s Pest Management for help: (408) 871-6988

Smith’s Pest Management Flea Treatment Process​

Flea treatments from Smith’s Pest Control follow a simple but proven process meant to completely destroy any presence of fleas on your property. Fleas reproduce very quickly, making them impossible to fully remove from your home unless you’re able to completely eradicate the entire infestation at once.

In order to do so, our trained professionals follow a special treatment process that ensures we eliminate the entire infestation.

First we’ll identify the source of your infestation, then we’ll use a mix of liquids, sprays, dusts, and more to treat it, ensuring no fleas escape. Then we’ll work with you to help you minimize the risk that fleas get inside again.



When you contact Smith’s Pest Management, we’ll work with you to find out the severity of the pest infestation you’re experiencing in order to know how to address the problem adequately. We don’t always require a site inspection, but if you have a particularly challenging situation we may need to perform a more thorough inspection to assess the situation. 

We will sample areas around the home and the property looking for potential flea harborage sites as well as incidents of living organisms that could be serving as hosts for fleas.



Once we’ve determined the size and severity of your flea problem, one of our technicians will perform a thorough treatment of the property. For fleas, we treat the interior of the home, paying special attention to carpets and furniture. We’ll apply insect growth regulators and insecticides that target fleas to the infested areas. These products eliminate adult fleas while ensuring younger ones never reach maturity, eliminating the entire infestation in the process. We also offer 25B green pest control options for flea treatment.

Your carpets are a common hiding spot for these pests to hide, so we’ll sanitize and vacuum affected areas to clear up any that might still be inside. We will also instruct you on how habitat modifications could impact your likelihood for fleas and ticks in the future.


Follow Up

After treatment and sanitation of the initial infestation areas, we’ll start working with you to make sure that it never happens again. Completely eliminating fleas from a property is a complicated process requiring multiple treatments in order to be 100% effective. First, we’ll educate you on specific steps you can take and mistakes to avoid, then we’ll schedule any necessary follow-up appointments to ensure that fleas never get a foothold on your property again. 

Our follow-ups are one to two weeks apart. Typically we complete necessary follow-ups within six weeks of initial treatment. 


The team at Smith’s Pest Management takes great pride in helping create a better pest-free community for the Bay Area. Part of this commitment includes educating people to help them prevent pests from ever becoming a problem in their properties again.

This includes both steps that will minimize your risk for personally getting fleas on your skin, but also ways that you can make your yard as comfortable as possible while being inhospitable to pests and the wildlife they often come inside on the backs of.

Eliminate Fleas From Your Bay Area Property Today

Fleas never stop in the Bay Area, which is why Smiths Pest Management provides flea services year round to combat them. Long-term flea protection is an ongoing process. The team at Smith’s Pest Management is experienced in eliminating pests of every shape and size from homes across the Bay Area. We can eliminate both cat fleas and dog fleas, as well as any type of pests you might be experiencing.

We’ll also work with you to help prevent these problematic pests from springing up around your home again, and we offer various warranties depending on the situation and customer participation.

When the bugs start biting, don’t wait: contact the pest control professionals at Smith’s Pest Management for help: (408) 871-6988

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