Keys To Maintaining A Pest-Free Santa Clara County Home All Year Long

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If we gave you a pen and a piece of paper, how many pests could you name (or at least describe) that you have had to deal with within your home? How long would that list be? Our guess is that pests are a regularly occurring problem for you. Don’t worry, they are a regularly occurring problem for most homeowners. But we are here to help. Do you want to find out how you can maintain a pest-free home here in Santa Clara County year-round? Let us show you.

Common Pests Around Santa Clara County

Pests come in many different shapes and sizes here in Santa Clara County. They can be split into three categories, destructive pests, dangerous pests, and nuisance pests. Some pests belong to all three. Let us take a moment to break down these three categories.

Nuisance Pests: Nuisance pests are pests that drive you crazy. It’s the fly buzzing around your head while you are trying to watch TV, the ants on your counter stealing bits of your pie, or the centipede that catches you off guard in the bathroom. Many nuisance pests pose no direct risk to you or your family, but that doesn’t change your desire to see them gone.

Destructive Pests: Many pests are biologically equipped with tools to destroy your home. Pests like termites and carpenter ants have the ability to tunnel through the wood of your home, slowly destroying it from the inside out. Other pests like rodents can chew through electrical wiring, utility piping, and air conditioner units, causing extensive damage in areas you cannot see.

Dangerous Pests: These are the pests you should be most worried about. On top of the list, there are rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes and fleas. These pests can carry dangerous diseases that when spread through your home can put you and your family at risk. On the other side of the spectrum, there are biting and stinging pests such as wasps and dangerous spiders. Although the effects of these pests are not usually as devastating as contracting a dangerous disease, their stings and bites can still be rather painful and unpleasant.

How Often Should You Do Pest Control?

Everyone has done something to deal with pests at one point or another. Whether it is buying a bug zapper for mosquitoes, or sticky strips for ants. Chances are you have been looking for the best way to handle pests for a long time. The problem is, with so many different pests, there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution. Because of this, you find yourself fighting pests one at a time. Rodents invade and you buy lots of traps. You find cockroaches in your basement so you spray store-bought cockroach killer. Every new pest demands a new solution, and despite picking and choosing your battles, it doesn’t seem like victory is in sight.

Our Solution For Pests

Having reoccurring pest control problems in your home isn’t worth the risk. As mentioned, some pests that get into your home can be destructive and even dangerous to you and your family. If there was a way for you to be proactive rather than reactive, wouldn’t you take that option?

Here at Smith’s Pest Management, we offer high-quality year-round treatments to deter a wide range of common pests. Not only are our treatments reliable, but they are also organic. With a wide variety of options to choose from, you will be able to customize the protection for your home to fit your individual and financial needs. If you are already spending money out to fight pests on your own, chances are you will save money by switching to us. It doesn’t get any better than that.

If you are ready to find out what top-of-the-line pest control services look like for your Santa Clara County property, give us a call today. Our professionals are standing by, ready to inspect your property and help you find the best solution to fit your pest problem.

Author Bio: Zach Smith

Landscape Pro Turned Gopher Pro: Owner, Zach Smith, graduate of Cal Poly’s Horticulture program worked nine years as a landscape professional- dealing with gophers, moles, and ground squirrels and was quickly recruited by other local gardeners. Fast forward to the past 15+ years, where Zach and his team trap and remove burrowing pests from residential, municipal and commercial properties throughout the San Francisco Bay area, from Marin to Monterey.