5 Best Ground Squirrel Control Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area [2024]

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If you’ve got ground squirrels on your Bay Area property, you need to partner with a best-in-class pest company to remove them. The only problem is that finding such a company can be easier said than done.

After all, there are so many options out there, and sifting through them can get confusing.

Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you.

This article compiles a list of the San Francisco Bay Area’s best ground squirrel control companies – rated from 1-5.

We look at everything from their services to their control methods, so you can have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s dive in.

5 Best Squirrel Removal Companies in the San Francisco Bay Area

bay area ground squirrel control

When it comes to ground squirrel control and removal in the San Francisco Bay Area, these five companies provide the best services, prices, and support:

1. Smith’s Pest Management: Best Overall

Yes, we’re tooting our own horn, but it’s for a good reason.

Smith’s is the first company on this list because we specifically specialize in ground squirrel control and removal.

This is rare in the Bay Area – that’s why there are only five companies on this list!

While many companies provide ground squirrel removal services, few specialize in the area.

The fact that we’re so experienced in ground squirrel removal allows us to lead the industry with efficient, humane control methods, expert services, and competitive pricing.

Additionally, we’re a locally owned and operated company that genuinely cares about our company and environment, and uses humane, targeted, integrated pest management tactics to resolve ground squirrel infestations.

Why Choose Smith’s?

  • We’re a local, family-owned, eco-friendly company.
  • The owner of Smith’s lives in the Bay Area and is dedicated to deploying creative pest management solutions that utilize his horticulture degree from Cal-Poly and his experience as a burrowing pest specialist and experienced landscape architect.
  • We provide professional, reliable customer service and effective pest control techniques.
  • Our technicians offer expert, tailored service.
  • We respond rapidly to phone calls, emails, and online chat inquiries.
  • We provide green and eco-friendly pest control solutions.
  • We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • You can get $50 off a Pest Maintenance Plan!

smith's pest management logo

Company Headquarters? San Jose, CA

Serves the San Francisco Bay Area?

Locally owned / family-owned?  

Get a free quote?  

Specializes in squirrel removal?  

Uses humane squirrel control methods? 

Offers commercial services?  

Offers other wildlife removal services? Smith’s offers various pest control services for commercial and residential customers, including the removal of burrowing pests, rodents, birds, and other wildlife.

BBB Rating: Smith’s has an A+ rating and has been BBB accredited since August 1, 2018.

Google Reviews rating? 4.7/5 stars

Online chat? 

2. Critter Control of San Jose

Critter Control of San Jose is a branch of Critter Control, a larger parent company. With more than 120 locations in North America, there’s no question that Critter Control is a massive enterprise.

The franchise offers pest removal for multiple species, including squirrels, bats, raccoons, and birds.

The company seeks to trap and relocate animals to the extent possible and emphasizes humane animal handling strategies.

critter control of san jose logo

Company Headquarters? Marietta, Georgia

Serves the San Francisco Bay Area?

Locally owned / family-owned? Critter Control is a nationwide franchise, meaning many individual branches may not be locally- or family-owned. This may make it difficult to access the personalized service you need.

Get a free quote?

Specializes in squirrel removal? 

Uses humane squirrel control methods?

Offers commercial services?

Offers other wildlife removal services? Critter Control offers wildlife removal services for raccoons, rats, bats, woodchucks, voles, and other pest species.

BBB Rating: Critter Control has an A+ rating and has been BBB accredited since January 1, 2008.

Google Reviews rating? 4.9/5 stars

Online chat? 

3. Got Gophers

Got Gophers is a pest control company that provides Bay Area residents and business owners with various pest control services.

With more than 75 years of combined experience, the Got Gophers team serves settings ranging from shopping centers to golf courses.

While Got Gophers is a jack of all trades, they don’t technically specialize in ground squirrel control. Instead, the company focuses on a wide variety of wildlife removal.

got gophers logo

Company Headquarters? San Jose, CA

Serves the San Francisco Bay Area? 

Locally owned / family-owned? 

Get a free quote? 

Specializes in squirrel removal? ✗  

Uses humane squirrel control methods?  

Offers commercial services?  

Offers other wildlife removal services? Got Gophers is a little vague about what kinds of pests they remove. Their website mentions trapping gophers, voles, and moles, and baiting rats, ground squirrels, and gophers.

BBB Rating: Got Gophers can’t be found on BBB and does not have a BBB rating.

Google Reviews rating? 5/5 stars

Online chat?

4. Animal Damage Management

Animal Damage Management has been in business for more than 25 years and currently serves commercial and residential customers in the Bay Area.

Their founders are biology and pest management specialists focusing primarily on animal damage management.

Like Smith’s, they utilize an integrated pest management approach. Unlike Smith’s, they do not specialize in ground squirrel control.

animal damage management logo

Company Headquarters? Morgan Hill, CA, with field offices in Modesto and Fairfield

Serves the San Francisco Bay Area? 

Locally owned / family-owned? 

Get a free quote?

Specializes in squirrel removal?

Uses humane squirrel control methods? ✗ 

Offers commercial services?  

Offers other wildlife removal services?  Animal Damage Management offers pest removal services for gophers, ground squirrels, moles, voles, birds, bats, rats, mice, raccoons, skunks, possums, and insects.

BBB Rating: Animal Damage Management can’t be found on BBB and does not have a BBB rating.

Google Reviews rating? 4.6/5 stars

Online chat?  ✗

5. Killroy

Founded in 1956, Killroy is a local pest management company with locations in Campbell, Tracy, and Hollister, CA.

Unfortunately for anyone looking for ground squirrel removal, Kilroy focuses almost exclusively on pest management for insects like roaches, bed bugs, ants, termites, and spiders.

In fact, their website barely mentions rodent removal services, and it’s evident that this company does not specialize in ground squirrel removal.

killroy pest control logo

Company Headquarters? San Francisco, CA

Serves the San Francisco Bay Area?  

Locally owned / family-owned?

Get a free quote?  ✗

Specializes in squirrel removal? ✗ 

Uses humane squirrel control methods?  

Offers commercial services?

Offers other wildlife removal services? The company’s website says they offer “rodent control” and “wild animal trapping” but doesn’t specify which species or pests they work with.

BBB Rating: Kilroy has an A+ rating and has been BBB accredited since July 1, 1961.

Google Reviews rating? 4.7/5 stars

Online chat?  ✗ 

How to Choose the Best Squirrel Removal Company in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2024

ground squirrel removal company bay area

Now that we’ve laid out the top ground squirrel removal companies in the San Francisco Bay Area let’s discuss how to find the one that’s best for you.

Here are a few “must-haves” to keep in mind as you research pest management companies:

1. Specialization in ground squirrel removal/control

Ground squirrels are smart, elusive creatures, and managing their populations requires experience and skill.

What’s more, companies need to use different techniques for residential vs. commercial settings.

Finally, there are all sorts of rules and regulations governing ground squirrel control in the state of California.

Unless a company specializes explicitly in ground squirrel removal and control, it will be impossible for them to deliver effective, targeted management services for these stubborn pests.

2. A good reputation

When you hire a pest management company, you need to find one with an excellent reputation.

Strong Google ratings and A+ BBB ratings indicate a company prioritizes good customer service, reliability, and ethical pest control methods.

3. Licensed, bonded, and insured team members

Pest management can be a risky business. After all, field technicians work with sensitive pest control methods.

To keep yourself, your property, and non-target species safe, you should only work with a licensed, bonded, and insured company.

This protects you from liability and gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve hired highly trained, certified technicians.

4. Humane squirrel control

Even if you’re tired of living with ground squirrels, hiring a team that will remove them humanely is essential.

There are dozens of ethical, humane pest removal methods in use today, and the best companies utilize them to the fullest extent possible.

5. Other burrowing rodent control services

We have bad news: pest problems don’t occur in a vacuum. One day you could be dealing with ground squirrels, and the next, you’ve got a gopher problem.

Because pests tend to co-occur, it’s crucial to find a pest management company that offers various pest management services for burrowing rodents.

At a minimum, any company you choose to work with should offer specialized services for ground squirrels, moles/voles, rats/mice, and raccoons.

This ensures a comprehensive pest management and removal approach that allows you to reclaim your property.

Ground Squirrel Control FAQs

1. How much does ground squirrel control cost?

The cost of ground squirrel removal services will depend on a few factors, including the size of your property, whether you’re a commercial or residential customer, what type of ground squirrel management services you require, and the extent of your ground squirrel infestation.

At Smith’s, we help customers budget for ground squirrel removal services by providing fast, free estimates. Contact us today to get your quote.

2. How much do repairs cost after ground squirrel removal?

Again, the exact figure will depend on some variables, including the extent of the damage. If your property requires significant repair, the final bill will be higher than a property that only sustained minimal landscaping damage.

3. Is it legal to kill ground squirrels in California?

It is legal to kill ground squirrels in California, with some exceptions.

According to California law, any animals caught in live traps must be immediately re-released on the property where they were caught (relocating wildlife is illegal without a permit in CA) or must be euthanized by “legal and humane measures.”

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, those measures include gassing and shooting. Drowning is not an approved or humane method of euthanasia.

It’s also legal to use lethal traps, such as box traps and tunnel traps, to kill ground squirrels.

That said, most humane pest management companies will urge you to focus on non-lethal control methods first. While killing ground squirrels is legal, it’s not the only way to remove them from your property.

4. How do I get rid of ground squirrels in California?

Getting rid of ground squirrels often requires the assistance of a skilled pest management company.

Recently, we wrote a complete blog on this topic to walk commercial and residential customers through the process. Check it out here.

5. How do professionals get rid of ground squirrels?

Since ground squirrels multiply rapidly (most have 5-9 babies each season), pest management companies act quickly to control infestations.

Here’s the basic approach you can expect a pest management company to take with your infestation:

  • Inspection. First, a pest management company will inspect your property. During this step, the team will identify active burrows and assess the extent of ground squirrel damage.
  • Management Plan. Next, the team will develop a tailored management plan to address the infestation. At Smith’s, we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to provide a comprehensive solution without relying solely on poison or toxic baits.
  • Elimination. Finally, the team will deploy the elimination tactics best suited to your property and provide follow-up services as needed.

Smith’s Pest Management: The Best Overall Ground Squirrel Control Company in the Bay Area

While there are several ground squirrel removal companies in the Bay Area, Smith’s stands out as the best for several reasons.

Firstly, we specialize in ground squirrel control, which equips us with the skills, expertise, and tactics needed to manage even the most established ground squirrel populations effectively.

Secondly, we prioritize customer service and availability and take pride in working collaboratively with our customers to develop tailored, integrated pest management plans that work.

Finally, we love what we do, and our teams enjoy helping customers like you reclaim your outdoor space and enjoy the beauty of your landscaping once more.

Ready to get rid of those pesky California ground squirrels? Contact us today for a free quote!

Author Bio: Zach Smith

Landscape Pro Turned Gopher Pro: Owner, Zach Smith, graduate of Cal Poly’s Horticulture program worked nine years as a landscape professional- dealing with gophers, moles, and ground squirrels and was quickly recruited by other local gardeners. Fast forward to the past 15+ years, where Zach and his team trap and remove burrowing pests from residential, municipal and commercial properties throughout the San Francisco Bay area, from Marin to Monterey.