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Are Birds A Growing Problem Around Your Bay Area Home Or Business?

Birds can be fun to watch, but when they choose your home or business as their base of operation, they can cause a multitude of problems. Birds that nest in your eaves can cause structural damage to your roof, both by damaging the structure directly and by leaving acidic droppings that eat away at the building over time. Bird droppings also cause problems around the entrances to your building. Not only are they unsightly, but they’re also a health risk. Of course, birds also cause problems themselves, making people afraid to come and go – especially if the birds are aggressive. If you have a pest bird problem, Smith’s can help!

Our Bird Control & Exclusion Offerings

At Smith’s Pest Management, we offer bird control services for homes, businesses, and government facilities. Our bird control methods are humane, forcing birds to leave your property without causing them any harm. Our bird control services are most commonly used for dealing with pigeons, starlings, sparrows, seagulls, and geese.


To deter these pests birds from your residential or commercial property, we offer the following services:

Bird Netting

To prevent pest birds from nesting and roosting on your building, we place bird netting over the areas that you don’t want birds to access. If birds are currently in your building, the bird netting will allow them to get out, but they will be unable to get back inside, effectively resolving your bird problem.

Bird Spikes

To further discourage birds from roosting on your home or business, we also install bird spikes on roofs and other areas where you don’t want birds to be able to land. If a bird does land on a spike, the spike won’t injure it, but it will be uncomfortable enough that the bird won’t want to stay there.

Bird Deterrents

There are many different types of bird deterrents that we can use to keep birds off your property. The team here at Smith’s Pest Management, we’ll work with you to determine which service will work best based on the kind of bird(s) you’re dealing with, the size and location of the problem, and other variables.

Say Goodbye To Pest Birds

If birds have become a problem around your home or business, not only are they annoying, but they’re also a danger to you, your family, your customers, and your employees. Get rid of them with the help of Smith’s Pest Management’s bird control services. We’ll eliminate your bird problem, protecting your property and the people on it. For more information or to get started with professional pest bird control and exclusion, contact us to schedule an inspection today!

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Nancy G. - Atherton, CA

“For years I’ve raised all the produce in my garden that we eat in our home. One year we started having gopher problems. When I contacted a local pest control company they wanted to use poison which we did not agree with. Smiths offered a non toxic and effective approach to getting rid of my gophers, moles, and rats.”