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hobo spider

How To Keep Hobo Spiders Out of My San Francisco Bay Area Home

Hobo spiders look similar to wolf spiders, which unfortunately means they look like many other species. They are brown and hairy, with long legs. Because this indistinguishable appearance isn’t a reliable way to identify this species, you should focus more on their web. The hobo spiders web is a better identifier of the species because it is unlike the clean wheel pattern we know spider webs to be. Hobo spider webs: Look messy Are funnel-shaped and open on both ends The larger opening is used

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how to get rid of spiders

How to Get Rid of Spiders: 7 Important Steps

No matter what kind of spider you’re dealing with, you probably don’t want to share space with them. Here at Smith’s Pest Management, we know how to get rid of spiders because we’ve been doing this for over 15 years. In this post we’re sharing all of the top spider control methods pest control pros use. Safety Considerations Before You Get Started Keep yourself safe during spider control by following these safety tips: 1. Be aware of venomous and dangerous spiders Before you begin your

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grass spider close up

San Francisco Bay Area & Monterey’s Complete Guide To Spider Control

For most San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey homeowners, spiders aren’t a happy sight. Whether it’s a house spider, crab spider, daddy-long-legs, or a garden spider, these critters can signal bigger trouble. And, while most of our local eight-legged friends are harmless, some native species, like the black widow, can be dangerous. Here’s what you should know about how spiders end up in San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey homes, how to handle them, and how you can prevent them from making their way back in the

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house spider

Why Are People Afraid Of Spiders?

Look up any top ten list of phobias, and alongside the fear of heights and the fear of enclosed spaces, you’ll see the fear of spiders right near the top of the list. Arachnophobia has been around for centuries and causes people to do some crazy things. But why are people afraid of something as small as a spider? Arachnophobes In The News Most people are willing to admit that they’ve had an encounter or two with a spider that has, at the very least,

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