Why You Should Call The Professionals About Bed Bug Problems In Your Oakland Home

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Are you getting bitten by something? Do you think it might be bed bugs?

The first reason to contact a professional about bed bug problems is that you might not have a bed bug problem.

Some pests can cause bites or rashy bumps on your skin that can be mistaken for bed bug bites. And it goes without saying, if you use bed bug control methods to address another bug infestation, you won’t have much success.

It is important to properly identify your pest problem so that appropriate pest control methods and products can be selected. But let’s say you know for sure that you have a bed bug problem. What then? We’re glad you asked.

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Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Get Rid Of

Bed bugs have been with us since the dawn of time. In fact, they live almost exclusively with humans. If they were easy to exterminate, there would be no bed bugs left in the world. They would have gone extinct or found another source of food other than human blood.

  • Bed bugs hate the light. They do everything they can to avoid it. You’re not going to see these bugs walking around where you can easily see them.

  • Bed bugs are small. A bed bug will be between 1 mm and 4.5 mm in length. While not invisible to the naked eye, that’s small enough to easily miss.

  • Bed bugs are transparent. When a bed bug hatches from its egg, it is mostly transparent. This makes it blend in with materials, especially light-colored materials.

  • Bed bugs are drawn to very tight spaces. It isn’t enough for a bed bug to hide in a pocket. It will hide in the crease of a seam within a pocket.

  • Bed bugs can infest your home over and over again, even as you attempt to get rid of them because they are hitchhiking pests.

How To Deal With Hitchhiking Pests

As you work to eliminate bed bugs in your home, it is important to determine where they could have come from. Bed bugs ride into your home. You can bring them in. Your kids can bring them in. Your spouse can bring them in. A friend or family member can bring them in.

You need to consider prevention even as you work on elimination. A pest professional can give you insight into where these insects could have come from, and the treatments used to get control of bed bugs is residual.

They work to address bed bugs that emerge from eggs and also prevent new bed bugs from successfully infesting your home.

What Doesn’t Work 

When you hire a professional, you get what you pay for. Consequently, if you attempt to get rid of bed bugs with DIY methods, it can end up costing you quite a bit.

  • A $16 bottle of spray may not seem like much of an investment, but it can add up when you spray and spray and spray. Those sprays are topical and don’t get deep enough to kill bed bugs where they hide. Improper treatments can also lead to sickness and possibly hospital bills. It is best to have a licensed professional apply EPA approved products that are known to effectively control bed bugs without exposing you to harmful chemicals.

  • Mattress encasements and insect climb-ups will run you $70 per bed. These are great for helping to prevent bites, but aren’t likely to arrest the infestation in your home. Bed bugs are likely to be in the carriable item they used to ride into your home, or in tiny hiding places around your beds. When these insects start biting you while you’re awake, you’ll understand that this control method isn’t enough on its own.

  • Some people throw their bed out when they start getting bites. This is costly and almost entirely ineffective. A licensed professional can apply treatments that help you get rid of bed bugs while keeping your beds.

  • Heat is a powerful tool for eliminating bed bugs, but when it is applied inappropriately, it can be ineffective at eliminating a bed bug infestation and it can damage your property. A licensed professional uses specialized equipment and trusted methods to eliminate bed bugs with heat.

Bed Bug Control In Oakland

If you live in Oakland, contact Smith’s Pest Management for control of bed bugs. Our licensed pest professionals know what is required to exterminate these insects and help you prevent future infestations. You don’t have to go it alone.