What To Do If You Are Seeing More Spiders Than Usual Around Your Monterey Bay Area Property

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What To Do If You Are Seeing More Spiders Than Usual Around Your Monterey Bay Area Property

Are you noticing spider webs popping up all around your home or in your landscaping more than usual? Those webs are evidence that you have spiders. If you have lots of webs, you have lots of spiders. The more spiders you have around your home, the more likely you are to see spiders inside—so, if you have noticed those webs outside, you may be wondering why you’re seeing more spiders inside your Monterey Bay Area home. It’s all connected. Here’s what you should know.

Two Key Reasons That Impact Spider Populations

When spider populations grow, there are two key factors that tend to be connected to this population growth. Can you guess what they might be? We probably don’t have to tell you that an increase in insect activity will increase the number of spiders around your home. You know that spiders set those webs up to catch insects. But, you might not know that some spiders create egg sacs in their webs. These sacs can have more than a hundred eggs in them. Some have several hundred. All of those eggs are spiders waiting to happen. If you’re not diligently disposing of webs, you’re going to have more spiders.

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Insect Attractants

If you want to reduce the number of spiders around your home, and inside your home as well, you need to consider insect attractants. What attracts insects to your home? We’re glad you asked.

  • Many insects are attracted to light. When you keep lights off at night and keep your curtains drawn, you can reduce insect activity around your home.

  • Some insects are attracted by the scent of garbage. If you have dirty trash receptacles, or open trash that insects can get into, you’ll have more of them hanging around.

  • Some insects are drawn to decaying vegetation that can result from overwatering and fungus. Keeping your plants healthy can reduce insects.

  • Mosquitoes can multiply in your yard if you have puddles or containers of stagnant water. Search your yard for these potential breeding sites, and address them.

The Connection Between Bugs And Spiders

Insects aren’t the only critters that spiders eat. There are many bugs that crawl around in your yard, and in your landscaping, that are food sources for spiders. These are millipedes, centipedes, silverfish, and other moisture pests. A moisture pest can be a bug or an insect. The difference is that insects have six legs. Bugs can have many legs, or no legs. If you want to reduce spiders around your home, you need to address moist conditions. Apply these maintenance ideas to reduce moisture:

  • Have your gutters cleaned.

  • Repair any broken splash blocks or downspouts.

  • Trim the vegetation around your home to allow the air to flow freely between plants.

  • Remove unnecessary vegetation and weeds.

  • Water your landscaping in the morning.

  • Trim dense tree canopy in areas where you get a lot of shade and dampness.

Added Protection or Complete Control

If you alter the conditions around your home and properly dispose of spider webs, you can have a big impact on the number of spiders you have around your home. But, as you can probably imagine, these tips don’t get control of spiders. They only manage their numbers and resist them from getting into your home. If you want to have the most control of spiders on your property, and make spider sightings inside your home an uncommon event, professional pest control is essential.

How does pest control work?

Routine treatments and ongoing pest maintenance around your home works to repel and eliminate pests, reduces and controls breeding sites, and directly targets certain pests with specific products. This is a process. When performed by a licensed pest control professional, pest control services can establish a pest barrier around your home. If you have questions about how Smith’s Pest Management can help you get the best results possible with little or no impact on the environment, we’d love to talk with you.

If you live in the Monterey Bay Area, reach out to us. We offer industry-leading pest control throughout the area. Let us help you get control of pests and the spiders that eat them.

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