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Pruning Services

Pruning Should Always Take The Tree’s Needs Into Account.

While we do not presently prune trees over 15 feet tall, We do make pruning recommendations and provide referrals to excellent local tree care professionals for your taller trees and removals.

Our tree pruning recommendations are based on tree health first and foremost: whether that is current health needs or protecting the tree from future failure.

pruning services

Not all trees can be beautified through pruning. Pruning young trees for future structure is much more effective than trying to shape a mature tree to have a certain look.

Any time you wound a woody plant there will be some amount of decay. While healthy trees can compartmentalize (seal off) and heal over small wounds, care should be taken when pruning to minimize this decay.

Certified arborists receive specialized training and prune with the care required to ensure tree health.

For more information on our tree trimming and shrub pruning services, please click here.

Jack J. - Santa Cruz, CA

“My home is surrounded by an orchard. Hundreds of gophers. I have a lawn and a Japanese garden. I have tried to control the gophers myself, upon failing, I hired three companies, who also failed. I discovered Smith’s. They saved my lawn and garden. Nice people too. Worth the money. Trap three or four every month. It is either them or no lawn and garden.”