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Who doesn’t love living in Seaside? With the Pacific Ocean a stone’s throw away, the city is a perfect place for water-lovers. The city has miles of hiking trails and plenty of nature activities to enjoy, making perfect for anyone that enjoys spending time outdoors. But what happens when the outdoors follows you inside?

In Seaside, insects and animals often find their ways into homes and businesses in search of food, water, and shelter. Gophers, wasps, and squirrels can invade properties and cause significant problems. There’s only one sure way to keep pests and bay, and that’s to work with us at Smith’s Pest Management. We want you to be able to escape from the great outdoors, rather than share your home with the creatures that live outside. We offer pest control services that can prevent and eliminate household pests in Seaside, CA. Call us today and find out why Seaside residents trust Smith’s Pest Management for their pest control needs

Three Things Everyone In Seaside, CA Ought To Know About Gophers

One of the more common pests in Seaside is the gopher. Although you might think these pests are cute and cuddly, they are far from adorable.

There are a few things you should know about these mammals before you allow them on your property.

seaside gopher control

1. Gophers Have Extensive Burrows

One gopher can have a burrow that extends thousands of square feet. Every day, they can build as many as three mounds. Even if you experience a significant amount of yard damage, one gopher could be responsible.

2. Gophers Cause Extensive Damage

Although gophers are an essential part of the ecosystem, they are still pests. They can ruin your garden and cause other issues. For instance, they can damage your sprinkler pipes or underground cables. Their burrowing can also have a catastrophic impact on any plants or landscaping on your lawn.

3. Gopher Prevention Is Difficult

When facing it on your own, gopher prevention is a daunting task. If you don’t have experience dealing with gophers, your DIY attempts are likely to fail. Let our professionals handle your gopher control. If gophers have gotten onto your property, contact the professionals at Smith’s Pest Management today and find out why professional gopher trapping services are the perfect solution to protect your property.

Are Moles In Seaside, CA Dangerous?

All mammals can bite, and moles are no exception. They may bite if they are cornered and feel threatened. However, moles rarely bite humans and pose almost no physical threat to you or your family. That said, you probably don’t want moles hanging out on your Seaside property.

Moles might not be directly dangerous to your health, but they are dangerous to your property. As insectivores, they search for insects underground. In fact, moles spend most of their lives underground and create intricate tunnel systems. Some of the tunnels are shallow, while others are deeper in the ground. Regardless of the depth of their tunnels, moles can ruin your landscape and lawn. As they search for food, they can destroy the root system of your plants and grasses. If you want to keep your yard safe from moles, you should give us a call at Smith’s Pest Management to see if our mole control services are right for you!

How Much Damage Can Ground Squirrels Cause In Seaside, CA?

Another common Seaside pest, the ground squirrel, isn’t an animal you want near your property. Although they don’t usually invade homes or businesses, ground squirrels can wreak havoc to your land. They often chew on sprinkler heads and irrigation lines, and the necessary repairs could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. The damage is likely to continue over time, and the costs will only continue to climb the longer they’re allowed free reign of your property.

As burrowers, ground squirrels often find themselves under patios and foundations. They can cause structural damage, which requires immediate repairs. The cost of the repairs varies but could be thousands of dollars. But the real trouble with ground squirrels is their ability to transmit diseases. They can carry fleas, which can transmit the bubonic plague. Both your health and your property could experience damage from ground squirrels. If you want to prevent that damage, you should work with our team of experienced ground squirrel control professionals here at Smith’s Pest Management

4 Ways To Avoid Problems With Yellow Jackets In Seaside, CA

If you’re outside enjoying a picnic or playing a game, yellow jackets can ruin your day. In addition to pestering you, they could sting you and cause an allergic reaction. To keep yellow jackets away, follow these tips:

  • Store Trash Properly: Yellow jackets eat other insects, and your trash can is a beacon for those insects. If you want to keep yellow jackets away, close your trash cans. Doing so takes away food for yellow jackets and makes them less likely to live on your property.

  • Eliminate Nesting Spots: If there are no convenient places for yellow jackets to nest, they will stay away. Don’t allow rotting logs to remain on your property and do your best to make your home inaccessible to these pests.

  • Don’t Leave Food Outside: When you enjoy a picnic outside, make sure to leave no remnants behind. If you have sweet drinks or food out for a while, yellow jackets will come.

  • Hire A Professional: Like other stinging insects, yellow jackets spread fast and can get into almost any part of your property under the right circumstances. Beyond being difficult to treat, they also pose a danger to any person that attempts to get rid of them using DIY methods alone. That’s why the most effective method of yellow jacket prevention and treatment is always to work with a professional. 

Have yellow jackets taken over your Seaside property? Here at Smith’s Pest Management, you can rely on us. Call us today to learn out more about why a professional stinging insect control service is the only way to take care of a yellow jacket infestation for good. Contact us today to get started!

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