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Sometimes Trees Need a Doctor’s Visit

Whether it is caterpillars raining down from your oaks (Oakworm), your sycamore and ash dropping leaves in the spring (Anthracnose), or your tulip trees dripping sugar and sap (Aphids & Scale), your trees could use a hand from a Certified Arborist.

Many tree diseases and ailments of the landscape can be reduced dramatically with a plant healthcare program. Smith’s Tree and Horticulture can help you diagnose and treat your trees, shrubs and lawn for diseases and pests.

We start by looking to make your trees strong and healthy because healthy plants do a good job of defending themselves. We then look at treatments through tree injection, foliar spray and/or soil drench for knockdown and control of the pest issue. We always want to preserve beneficial insects in everything we do!

Tree and Shrub Diseases

Peach Leaf Curl

Fruit Tree Dormant Sprays

Sudden Oak Death

Oakworm (Oak Moth/ Oak Caterpillars)

Scale, Aphids, Spider Mites, Thrips, and White Fly

Anthracnose on Sycamore , Elm, and Ash

Fire Blight

Invasive Shothole Borer

Borers and beetles in conifers and broadleaf trees

Lawn and Landscape Diseases

White Grubs and similar soil insect larvae

Fungal diseases

Fertility and salt issues

Ailments caused by irrigation system deficiencies

Rose insects and fungal pathogens

Aphids, Scale, Spider Mites and White Fly


 For more information on our how our Plant Health Care program can improve the health of your trees and landscape, contact us today.

Jack J. - Santa Cruz, CA

“My home is surrounded by an orchard. Hundreds of gophers. I have a lawn and a Japanese garden. I have tried to control the gophers myself, upon failing, I hired three companies, who also failed. I discovered Smith’s. They saved my lawn and garden. Nice people too. Worth the money. Trap three or four every month. It is either them or no lawn and garden.”