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Located in the northwest corner of Santa Clara County, the city of Palo Alto, California is one of the premier communities in the area. Residents of Palo Alto enjoy the quintessential, moderate climate of the San Francisco Bay area, but we’re not the only ones. These are perfect conditions for pest infestations since these intruders are attracted to the shelter, food, and water sources in our homes and businesses.

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Smith’s Pest Management offers comprehensive residential and commercial pest control to properties all over Santa Clara County. We are a locally owned and operated company with more than 15 years of experience in the effective elimination and control of pest infestations. Our team of certified pest experts cover a wide range of household pests including gophers, ground squirrels, rodents, moles, and voles. We use non-toxic solutions that are safe for you, your loved ones, and the environment.

Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to maintaining a pest-free property. It’s not an easy task that you can handle on your own; it requires the services of a professional pest control company. Our residential pest control services are currently used by over 5,500 homes throughout the San Francisco Bay and Monterey areas. We protect your home, your lawn, and your landscape, leaving you with a happy and healthy property that you’ll wish you’d had sooner.

We use a green pest control process in which we do not allow chemical pesticides in our treatment plan. It’s our priority to not only keep you safe but to keep the environment safe as well. After one of our licensed team members comes by for an initial inspection, we work with you to customize the pest control plan that is just right for you. Our ongoing pest control services guarantee an infestation-free home all year-long.

3 Problems Rodents Cause In Palo Alto, CA

Rodents have a knack for getting into tiny spaces that you wouldn’t expect. We’ve received all kinds of calls from many different customers. Whether you’re dealing with a rodent in your car or RV, or you’ve found mice in a chicken coop or in your garden, it’s important to know the potential problems caused by a rodent infestation.

1. Rodents feed on garbage and decaying matter. They leave droppings of excrement, contaminating the areas they pass through and potentially exposing you to a long list of health threats.

2. Rodents scamper inside wall voids, gnawing their way through the construction and electrical wiring. This causes a lot of damage and even puts you at risk for a potential house fire.

3. Rodents reproduce very quickly, so an infestation can spread like wildfire. Once rodents get into your house and breed, there’s no telling where in the house you may find them.

Our rodent control services include effective treatments like trapping, repellants, baiting, and exclusion. We will customize the perfect plan to fit your specific needs. Our 3-step rodent control process includes the following:

  •  A phone consultation or onsite inspection
  • Development of a management plan

  • The implementation of selected rodent control treatment methods

Do I Have To Worry About Gopher Damage In Palo Alto, CA?

Unfortunately, gophers are pests that you need to be aware of when living in Palo Alto. These guys cause problems all year long, and once they find a suitable residence, they like to stay there for years.

Gophers can cause a lot of damage to your yard by digging tunnels underground. They destroy your lawn and your landscape by burrowing in holes and feeding on vegetation until you’re left with nothing but an ugly, brown yard.

We provide complete gopher control services utilizing gopher traps rather than poisonous baits. Eliminating gophers from your property requires an extremely specialized skillset as gophers are almost impossible to trap using DIY methods. That’s why you need the help of the professionals.

Our gopher trapping control process includes:

  • Exposing gopher tunnels

  • Marking gopher trap locations

  • Gopher removal

  • Maintenance of traps

  • Re-baiting to prevent their return

Contact us today to discuss our annual gopher program. We offer a flat monthly rate for our services, and we guarantee your property will become a gopher-free zone.

Benefits Of Professional Mole Control In Palo Alto, CA

Moles are pests that live in the soil. They eat big worms and beetle larvae, and they tunnel underground. As they create these tunnels throughout your lawn and the perimeter of your yard, they damage the roots and turn the grass brown. Not only that, but all of their tunneling can cause a real safety hazard. Moles leave behind mounds of dirt that you can trip on, causing serious injury.

We offer annual mole control programs that include:

  • Onsite inspection or phone consultation

  • Mole trapping

  • Mole Exclusions

  • Elimination of food sources

  • Maintenance visits

Our mole removal services are guaranteed to protect your property from the effects of an infestation. Contact us today to discuss your mole control needs, we look forward to your call.

Kourtney B. - Los Gatos, CA

My chicken coop was put up five years ago. I went out one night and almost had a heart attack because there was probably 100 rats in with the chickens. I called Smith’s and the problem was solved quickly. No more rats!