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Nestled at the base of the Sierra Azules is the beautiful town of Los Gatos. Hills, streams, grassy flat areas, and more provide our residents with plenty of natural beauty to enjoy. To protect your home’s landscape from the various garden and lawn pests living in our area, Smith’s Pest Management offers comprehensive and non-toxic solutions for pests like gophers, moles, ground squirrels, rats, and more. Protect your Los Gatos property from damage with the help of our professionals. Call today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest solutions.

Problems Moles Cause In Los Gatos, CA

Small in size, having poor eyesight, and living under the ground for most of their lives, how big of a problem could moles be? Well, we are here to tell you moles are cable of causing significant issues when living in lawns and gardens in Los Gatos. 

Moles destroy lawns and landscaping, ruining the hard work you have put in and costing you money in the process. As moles dig and tunnel through the soil to search for food (earthworms and insects), they damage the roots of grasses, plants, and small trees.

They also feed on seeds and bulbs.

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Other problems moles cause include:

  • Moles dig tunnels that can cause problems with your lawn’s irrigation and sprinkler systems.

  • Mole tunnels are attractive to other pests like mice and voles.

  • The criss-cross mounds of dirt and tunnels are unsightly to look at.

  • The mounds of dirt at the tunnel entrance and exit holes cause trip and fall hazards.

Protect your lawn from becoming a home to moles and being damaged by them with the help of Smith’s Pest Management. Learn more about our mole control options by giving us a call today.

Are Ground Squirrels In Los Gatos, CA Dangerous?

Ground squirrels are certainly not pests you need to be afraid of; like most wild animals, they do their best to stay away from people. However, their presence in our yards is never wanted as they can cause a lot of structural damage. 

Ground squirrels look very similar to tree squirrels as they are both gray with a bushy tail. But, unlike tree squirrels, ground squirrels live at ground level and create burrows in the ground. 

You are most likely to see ground squirrels around woodpiles, rock piles, garden areas, the base of trees, and around the foundations of buildings. Ground squirrels damage property by digging burrows in gardens, lawns, and under foundations, patios, and decks. As they burrow, they create scrape marks on trees and the exterior of buildings. They also feed on and damage grapevines and gardens.

Gopher Prevention Tips For Los Gatos, CA Residents

Gophers, if left to their own devices, will cause a lot of unsightly and costly damage. These pests mainly feed on ornamental plants, fruits, and vegetables, destroying them in the process. They also create unsightly tunnels and mounds of dirt in lawns and gardens, cause dead patches of grass, and caved-in areas in yards. 

To help you avoid problems with these pests, here are some gopher-prevention tips:

  • Do not overwater your lawn. Overwatered lawns allow gophers to dig through the soil more easily.

  • To stop gophers from damaging your garden, plant in raised garden beds.

  • Bury fences at least two and a half feet underground to protect delicate landscaping plants in garden areas. 

  • Place fencing in the ground around sheds and garages to help stop them from burrowing underneath them.

The best way to eliminate gophers from your yard is to partner with Smith’s Pest Management. Our highly effective gopher trapping services will provide the peace of mind to know your lawn is free of damaging gophers.

Guide To Avoiding Yellow Jackets In Los Gatos, CA

Did you know that gophers can attract yellow jackets to your Los Gatos property? Technically, the tunnels of gophers attract yellow jackets. Yellow jackets love to take advantage of the holes gophers create in lawns to place their nests within.

While yellow jackets are eco-important, pollinating some plants and controlling the populations of nuisance insects, they are dangerous and unwanted pests when living in our yards or on our homes. We know how stressful a yellow jacket infestation can be and want to help by providing the following prevention tips:

  • Fill in ground holes you discover in lawn and garden areas. 

  • Wear shoes when walking through the grass to avoid stepping on and being stung by yellow jackets. 

  • When spending time outside, avoid wearing brightly colored clothing and floral perfumes, which attract yellow jackets.

  • Remove debris (woodpiles, rockpiles, leaf piles) from your property where yellow jackets can nest.

  • Seal openings in the foundation, exterior walls, or roofline of your home to stop yellow jackets from moving inside.

  • Keep tight-fitting lids on trash cans and compost bins, and keep outdoor eating areas cleaned up to stop yellow jackets from foraging for food in them. 

If you are experiencing problems with yellow jackets, contact the experts at Smith’s Pest Management. We can work with you to eliminate stinging yellow jackets and, if necessary, the gophers and their tunnels which are helping to attract them. To learn more about our yellow jacket control services, contact us today!

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“For years I’ve raised all the produce in my garden that we eat in our home. One year we started having gopher problems. When I contacted a local pest control company they wanted to use poison which we did not agree with. Smiths offered a non toxic and effective approach to getting rid of my gophers, moles, and rats.”