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A suburban community, west of Silicon Valley, Los Altos, CA is a place where we come home to relax after the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. While many people feel right at home in Los Altos, unfortunately, so do many of California’s toughest pests. To keep pests away from homes and businesses, the professionals at Smith’s Pest Management provide effective and comprehensive pest control solutions.

With non-toxic treatments, advanced solutions, and comprehensive services, we protect homes and businesses from dangerous and damaging pests. To learn the benefits of partnering with Smith’s Pest Management and to eliminate and prevent pests on your Los Altos property, call us today!

What Is Attracting Yellow Jackets To My Los Altos, CA Home?

There are many types of stinging insects living throughout California and across our country including bees, wasps, and hornets. In our area, a type of stinging insect that commonly invades yards and causes problems is the yellow jacket.

Yellow jackets are yellow and black in color, have sleek bodies, a thin waist, and are hairless. Aggressive and capable of delivering multiple stings, yellow jackets are pests we don’t want living in our yards

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If you are having problems with yellow jackets, the following things could be attracting them to your yard:

  • Lots of holes and or burrowing rodents attract yellow jackets. Yellow jackets often place their nests in the abandoned ground nests of animals. 

  • These stinging insects feed on a wide variety of sweets and meats. Open trashcans, recycling bins, and compost bins attract yellow jackets.

  • Outdoor eating areas draw yellow jackets to a property, this is especially true if you leave open containers of drinks and leftover food outside for long periods of time.

If you are experiencing problems with yellow jackets, Smith’s Pest Management can help. Our trained technicians will safely remove a nest from your yard and provide helpful information needed to help prevent their return. Contact us today to learn more about our yellow jacket control services.

3 Things Everyone In Los Altos, CA Ought To Know About Moles

Moles are small mammals that burrow into the ground. They are a common yard and garden pest and are difficult to prevent and/or get rid of. To make your property less attractive to these damaging pests, there are three things you ought to know about moles.

1. Moles are on your property because it is offering them plentiful food sources. The more earthworms, grubs, slugs, and snails in your yard the more of a chance moles will become a problem for you.

2. Moles cause a lot of expensive damage to lawns and gardens by tunneling through the earth. Their tunnels cause lawns to feel soft and spongy and cause damage to plant and grass roots that can result in the death of plants and grasses.

3. Though moles are rarely seen by people, moles are active year-round, causing continuous damage as they tunnel through the ground under lawns.

To combat the year-round activity of moles, partner with the experienced mole control experts at Smith’s Pest Management. We know moles and we know how to get rid of them from Los Altos properties. Reach out to us today to learn more about our mole control solutions.

Damage Ground Squirrels In Los Altos, CA Cause

Ground squirrels are a type of rodent known for causing destruction on properties located in Los Altos.

  • Ground squirrels damage lawns, gardens, farmland, and orchards while foraging for food.

  • The large holes that ground squirrels create are not only unsightly but can lead to trips and falls.

  • While digging, ground squirrels create scrape marks on the exterior of buildings, on trees, and on vines. They often scrape out gravel from underneath sheds and other outbuildings.

  • Ground squirrels dig under and damage fences and foundations in order to gain access to a property.

Eliminating ground squirrels from your Los Altos property is best left up to a professional. At Smith’s Pest Management, we offer a variety of ground squirrel control methods to help meet the unique needs of any Los Altos property. For help with your ground squirrel problem, reach out to us today!

Guide To Avoiding Gopher Damage In Los Altos, CA

Gophers are common lawn pests whose feeding habits cause a lot of damage to Los Altos yards and gardens. As gophers tunnel through the ground and chew through and feed on grass and plant roots, they cause plant damage or death. Once gophers move onto a property they are difficult to get rid of.

Doing the following helps to avoid problems with these damaging pests:

  • Do not overwater your lawn. Damp soil is more inviting and easier for the gophers to dig through.

  • To stop gophers from damaging your garden, plant in raised garden beds instead of directly into the ground.

  • To help prevent gophers from damaging expensive or delicate plants, use fencing. Make sure to place it at least two and a half feet under the ground.

  • Bury fencing in the ground around sheds and garages to stop these pests from burying underneath of them.

Reach out to Smith’s Pest Management anytime to learn more about gophers and our solutions to eliminate them from your Los Altos property!

Kourtney B. - Los Gatos, CA

My chicken coop was put up five years ago. I went out one night and almost had a heart attack because there was probably 100 rats in with the chickens. I called Smith’s and the problem was solved quickly. No more rats!