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In the heart of the San Francisco Bay is the large city of Hayward. Located in Alameda County, this California city offers beautiful mountain views and gorgeous shoreline for visitors and residents to enjoy. The large city offers a wide variety of neighborhoods, jobs, and educational opportunities for residents to choose from. Living in the Bay area also means that you can protect your property from pests that can cause damage to Hayward lawns, gardens, and landscaping by partnering with Smith’s Pest Management. We are the Bay area experts that eliminate and control gophers, ground squirrels, rats, moles, and voles.

To learn more about our non-toxic solutions to our area’s nuisance and damaging pests, reach out to Smith’s Pest Management today: (408) 871-6988

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Why Hayward, CA Residents Need Professional Gopher Control

The most common species of gopher living in the Bay area is the California pocket gopher. There are many reasons why it is best to partner with a professional to stop these destructive pests from damaging your Hayward property.

  • Gophers are active year-round in California, meaning they are a constant threat to property owners.

  • Once they find their way onto a property, they tend to want to stay permanently.

  • Gophers cause significant and costly damage to grass, trees, plants, flowers, and other landscaping.

  • Their tunnels can cause damage to driveways.

  • Using DIY methods to get rid of gophers is usually unsuccessful, ending up costing time and money while allowing the gophers to continue to damage property.

The best way to deal with a gopher problem on your Hayward property is to partner with Smith’s Pest Management. Our professionals have a deep understanding of gopher behavior and habits and understand how to safely and successfully get rid of them. For more information about our gopher trapping control process, reach out to Smiths’ Gopher Trapping Service today.

Guide To Avoiding Vole Problems In Hayward, CA

Voles are a small species of rodent that can become a big problem in gardens or lawns. They cause damage by feeding on tree bark, killing plants, making holes in lawns, and creating unsightly “runs” in the grass.

It can be very difficult to prevent problems with voles. Therefore, when it comes to voles, the best way to avoid their problems is to immediately contact a professional at the first signs of them on your property. Quick action will prevent these prolific breeders from reproducing on your property and causing expensive and unsightly damage.

The professionals at Smith’s Pest Management will quickly get rid of these furry pests from your property through the implementation of our vole control process. To discover all the benefits of professional vole control services, reach out to Smith’s Pest Management today.

Problems Rats Cause In Hayward, CA

Rats are a significant threat to property owners throughout Hayward, CA.  They breed quickly, sneak in unnoticed, and pose a threat to people and properties. Examples of some of the problems they cause include:

  • Structural damage by chewing through wires, pipes, insulation, and drywall.

  • Causing water damage or fires.

  • Introducing and spreading a variety of diseases including murine typhus, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis.

  • Introducing fleas, mites, and other parasites into your home that are capable of spreading diseases to you and your family.

To combat rats and the problems they can introduce, Smith’s Pest Management can eliminate rat problems quickly through our three-step rodent control process. This process begins with a phone consultation or onsite inspection. Next, we develop a rodent-management plan that is unique to your home or business. Finally, we implement the selected rodent-management plan to eliminate the rats from your structure. Reach out today to learn more about working together to protect your Hayward property from rats.

Protect Your Hayward, CA Property From Moles

Moles are destructive pests that are often found invading Northern California properties. Stopping moles from causing damage to your Hayward property can be a difficult task since they are attracted to lawns that are lush and healthy.

To stop moles from choosing your property, you can (depending on your property’s size) place an underground perimeter fence. Additionally, make sure to not overwater lawns and gardens since they are attracted to soft, damp soil. However, the best way to protect your Bay area property from moles is to partner with a professional.

At Smith’s Pest Management, we offer effective mole trapping and exclusion services to protect your property from these damaging pests. To learn more about our guaranteed mole control service, contact us today.

Kourtney B. - Los Gatos, CA

My chicken coop was put up five years ago. I went out one night and almost had a heart attack because there was probably 100 rats in with the chickens. I called Smith’s and the problem was solved quickly. No more rats!