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Danville, California Pest Control Services

Nestled in the San Ramon Valley, Danville is a municipality located in Contra Costa County, California. Protect your Danville home or business from rodents, gophers, moles, wildlife, and other pest problems by reaching out to the skilled pest technicians here at Smith’s Pest Management. With more than 10 years of experience providing quality pest control options for residents in the San Francisco Bay Area & Monterey, we have what it takes to quickly identify and eliminate pest problems year-round. Get in touch with Smith’s Pest Management today to learn more about all of our effective residential and commercial pest control solutions.

Gopher Control Services In Danville, California

Gophers are a year-round problem here in Danville. These destructive pests spend most of their time underground, digging tunnels and causing damage to residential and commercial properties. Gophers are stubborn pests that are typically very difficult to remove once you have them, which is why the professionals here at Smith’s Pest Management are happy to help.

Our gopher trapping services are designed to trap gophers and remove them from your property to prevent the excessive damage they can cause. Say goodbye to gophers and other invading pests when you contact Smith’s Pest Management today

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Problems Moles Cause In Danville, California

Moles are small mammals that usually spend their whole lives underneath the soil. They have large, blunt claws that allow them to move easily through the soil as if they are swimming. Moles eat a variety of bugs and worms, but their favorite source of food is grubs. Unfortunately, mole infestations can cause many problems within a relatively short time. As moles dig and tunnel through the soil, they damage grass roots, which turns the grass an unsightly shade of yellowish-brown. Without professional attention, moles can cause an ugly web of dirt paths, trails, and mounds caused by their movement under the surface of the soil. Not only does this make your Danville lawn unattractive, but the mounds can also be a potential hazard for tripping and falling.

The best way to avoid a mole invasion is with a year-round mole control program from Smith’s Pest Management. We understand how to eradicate moles and minimize the possibility that they will invade your lawn in the future. Protect your Danville property from moles by reaching out to Smith’s Pest Management today.

Get Rid Of Ground Squirrels In Danville, California

Ground squirrels are a common problem for homeowners and business owners in Danville and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area & Monterey. These small rodents are most active from spring through fall, but due to their rapid breeding and burrowing nature, they are a year-round threat. One ground squirrel burrow can have up to ten ground squirrels inside and they can dig under patios, walkways, fences, and concrete to gain access to your property.

Although ground squirrels might appear cute with their bright round eyes and fluffy tails, they are incredibly destructive pests that cause between $10,000 and $50,000 in damages annually. To avoid the many problems ground squirrels cause, you need professional ground squirrel control services from Smith’s Pest Management. We are proud to provide excellent ground squirrel control services designed to identify, eliminate, and prevent ground squirrel infestations. We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to eliminate pests without the excessive use of unnecessary chemicals and poisons. Don’t hesitate to contact the professionals here at Smith’s Pest Management today for more information about our ground squirrel control process.

Why Are Wildlife Pests Living Around My Danville, CA Property?

When you think of pests, you probably picture spiders, bugs, and other creepy crawlies. However, it’s important to remember that pest control extends far beyond just insects. Larger animals such as raccoons, skunks, and opossums are capable of causing serious problems for Danville property owners. Due to their size and the destruction and danger they can cause, it is essential to keep them away from your home. But why are wildlife pests moving onto your property in the first place?

Wildlife pests invade homes and businesses for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • To gain access to food sources – Many wildlife pests, but especially raccoons, have adapted to living in and around human environments. Some wildlife pests even eventually depend on humans to survive. Skunks, opossums, and other wildlife are attracted to properties that provide easy access to food sources, such as open garbage cans and leftover pet food.

  • To find a place to shelter – If the weather outside becomes too hot, wet, cold, windy, or dry, some wildlife pests may seek shelter around your property. They also may decide to dig a den or burrow under your porch, deck, or around walkways. 

If you’re looking for a way to solve your wildlife pest problems, look no further than Smith’s Pest Management. We are dedicated to protecting Danville property owners from all kinds of pests, including wildlife. Give us a call today to get started.

Kourtney B. - Los Gatos, CA

My chicken coop was put up five years ago. I went out one night and almost had a heart attack because there was probably 100 rats in with the chickens. I called Smith’s and the problem was solved quickly. No more rats!