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yellow jackets monterey

Staying Ahead Of Yellow Jacket Problems In The Monterey Bay Area

Stinging insects of all kinds can cause a scare. Just because bees are helpful to the environment doesn’t mean we want to risk them stinging us. Other stinging insects, like yellow jackets, can sting multiple times and are far more easily provoked — these are the real yard pests to be frightened of. Yellow Jackets Versus Other Wasps The term “wasp” applies to all kinds of stinging insects that aren’t bees, but yellow jackets are a specific variety. It’s important to be able to identify pests around

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yellow jacket monterey

The Trick To Safe & Effective Yellowjacket Control For Your Monterey Bay Area Property

When the weather’s nice, it’s time for picnics and barbecues. Unfortunately, pests like the yellowjacket like to crash the party. When this happens, that celebratory feeling comes to a screeching halt. Yellowjackets are well known yet most don’t recognize them at first glance thanks to their similar appearance to bees. While they share the same black and yellow coloring as bees, yellowjackets are smaller only making it up to 5/8 of an inch long at most. Also, they have a thinner body. What really sets

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