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do ground squirrels hibernate in the winter

Do Ground Squirrels Hibernate in the Winter? What You Need to Know

Winter has arrived, which means most pests should be taking a break, right? Wrong. If you live in California, one critter you likely won’t get a winter break from is the California ground squirrel. While these rodents may be less visible during the winter, they are no less active. In this blog, we’ll share a few critical California ground squirrel hibernation facts and discuss how you can control these pests on your property during the winter months. Do California Ground Squirrels Hibernate in the Winter?

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yard damage caused by gophers in winter

Do Gophers Hibernate in the Winter? The Answer Will Surprise You

Gophers are digging, intrusive pests that can wreak havoc on your lawn and garden. While people expect to see gophers during the summer, many believe that gophers go underground and sleep all winter long. So, is that true? Do gophers hibernate? This blog will answer that question and discuss how to protect your property from winter gopher predation. Let’s dive in. Why are Gophers a Problem in the Winter? Before we discuss whether gophers hibernate, let’s discuss why they’re a problem in the first place.

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