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skunk in monterey ca

Here’s Why Skunks In Your Monterey Bay Area Yard Are More Dangerous Than You May Think

When it comes to skunks, everyone knows about the foul-smelling spray that they emit if they feel threatened. It’s so pungent you can tell if a skunk has sprayed in an area even if you’re only driving by it for a short moment. That means if you’re the target of the spray, well, you’re going to smell something awful for some time. But did you know that the awful smelling spray is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues caused by

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skunk in yard

What You Ought To Know About Skunks In The San Francisco Bay Area

When wild animals invade your San Francisco Bay Area property, all sorts of problems can ensue, but a foul stench isn’t something you have to worry about with most wildlife. Unfortunately, a skunk infestation involves all of the problems that a regular wildlife invasion brings with it, plus an overpowering smell. If you don’t have a plan for keeping skunks off of your property in the San Francisco Bay Area, you might be exposing yourself to a huge headache (and an even bigger smell). The

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