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mouse in san jose, ca home

Who Else Wants Their Santa Clara County Home To Remain Rodent-Free?

The sunny skies and luxurious warm weather of Santa Clara attract a host of sun-seekers, vacationers, and long-term residents, but these furry rascals are more interested in what they can do to turn your house into their home. There are several different types of rodents that invade the homes and local businesses of Southern California, ranging from wild animals to common house pests. Mice are 3-3.5 inch animals whose chief occupation is scouting out safe places for their growing families. The infamous rat includes many different species of

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mouse in christmas tree

Checking For Pests Before Decking The Halls Of Your Monterey Bay Area Home

When we’re eager for the holidays, it’s easy to get complacent when it comes to pest control. Problem is, decking the halls provides invasive species with opportunities to get inside and hunker down for the winter. Only by taking precautions and enlisting the help of professionals can you hope to stay on top of overwintering pests that can ruin your holiday celebrations. Deck The Halls This is the time of year to be merry and to decorate your property in the trappings of the season.

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santa clara rodent

Why Rodents In Your Santa Clara County Home Are Such A Problem

If you own a home in Santa Clara County, odds are good that you’ll deal with rodents at one point or another. Rats and mice are quite prevalent in the area and are two of the most common pests known to invade homes. While they might be relatively small, they aren’t just a nuisance pest, and are known to destroy property and put your health at risk. Many rodents have also developed a dependent relationship with humans where they thrive when using the shelter and access

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