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Why Call Smith’s Pest Management For Rodent Problems

All pests cause problems in a number of ways. Some pests cause annoyance, others pose serious health risks to you and your family. Some even threaten the foundational structure and inner workings of homes. It is rare that one can do all three, and yet there is one pest that does it effortlessly, rodents. Rodents are not only known for being one of the larger pests here in the Bay area but also for being one of the worst to have inside your home. Dangers &

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Guide To Avoiding Problems With Rats

When rats get into your home, they cause contamination as they leave feces and urine everywhere they go. They can chew through your walls and damage your belongings. If they chew through a wire, it could lead to a fire. Worst of all, rodents don’t come in alone. They bring ticks, fleas, lice, mites and other parasites. This can create even more opportunity for sickness. It is wise to do all you can to keep rat infestations from starting. Do you know how a rat infestation begins?

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Everything San Jose Homeowners Need To Know For Effective Rat Control

There aren’t many pests whose names double as insults. If somebody called you a termite or a silverfish, you’d probably be more confused than offended. But if somebody calls you a rat? Oh, man. Now that’s an insult. We have a deep disgust and resentment towards rats and for good reason. These clever, persistent pests are hazardous to both health and property. They carry disease, chew up just about anything, and can survive in some of the most adverse environments.If you’re in need of rat

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