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raccoon digging through trash in san francisco home

Is It Dangerous To Have Raccoons Hanging Around My San Francisco Bay Area Yard?

Your property is every raccoon’s dream. The ideal weather of the Bay Area combined with the many attractants in your yard is the perfect recipe for raccoon activity. Raccoons may seem kind of cute from a distance, but they are pests after all, and like all pests, they can be threatening to your property and your health. Raccoons are mid-sized mammals with round bodies, long bushy tails, and a black mask of fur covering the area around their eyes. They are great climbers, often traveling through vents,

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How to Get Rid of Raccoons: A Complete Guide [2022]

Raccoons are smart, quirky animals that may be fun to observe from afar, but they’re not creatures you want to share space with. Raccoons dig through your trash, destroy your lawn and garden, damage your home’s building materials, consume bird seed and pet food, and even transmit diseases that can be dangerous for you and your domestic pets. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with destructive raccoons forever. Here at Smith’s Pest Management, we specialize in providing raccoon control services to residential and commercial property owners in California’s San Francisco

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