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The Key To Keeping Your San Francisco Bay Area And Monterey Lawn Green

Home and business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey are extremely busy. They have numerous responsibilities that keep their schedules full. Their tasks range from keeping up with the individual needs of their loved ones and staff to mastering budgets and completing errands. Sprucing up the lawn is often last on the list. However, it’s more important than folks realize. If you neglect your land, you’ll be inviting several issues to your door inadvertently. When the yard isn’t tended to properly, it could become

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yellow jacket monterey

The Trick To Safe & Effective Yellowjacket Control For Your Monterey Bay Area Property

When the weather’s nice, it’s time for picnics and barbecues. Unfortunately, pests like the yellowjacket like to crash the party. When this happens, that celebratory feeling comes to a screeching halt. Yellowjackets are well known yet most don’t recognize them at first glance thanks to their similar appearance to bees. While they share the same black and yellow coloring as bees, yellowjackets are smaller only making it up to 5/8 of an inch long at most. Also, they have a thinner body. What really sets

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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Towards A Pest-Free Monterey Home

Spring cleaning is a right step towards a pest-free home. As wonderful as the seasons are in Monterey, spring in Monterey isn’t as noticeable as it is in some of Northern California’s cities. We are lucky to experience a moderate climate controlled nicely by the ocean tides allowing us to enjoy time outdoors comfortably all year long. However, as spring approaches, pests internal clocks signal that it’s the season for reproduction causing many of them to search for a safe place with reliable food and

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tick monterey

Five Easy Ways To Keep Ticks Away From Your Monterey Bay Area Property

People would probably spend more time outdoors if it wasn’t for lurking pests. Insects and creatures can scratch, bite, or sting you. In the worst cases, an encounter could send you to the hospital. This why many would second-guess visiting a hiking trail, having a picnic, or even laying on their lawn. Ticks are just one species that have folks weary. They are extremely small bugs that drink the blood of animals and humans. Since they do this, the likelihood of disease transmission is great.

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