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Get Rid Of Gophers In Los Gatos, CA

We get rid of gophers in Los Gatos, CA every week; and here is why you should consider a gopher control program if you see gopher holes in your lawn. In Los Gatos we see many lawns and sports fields that have suffered gopher damage. These old gopher tunnels have sunken over time, creating a maze of ankle-twisting depressions that are very hard to see after the lawn has been mowed. Smith’s Pest Management, your bay area gopher guy suggest we get rid of gophers

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mole hill

5 Tips For Stopping Mole Damage Before It Happens

When you’ve spent time and money to make your lawn beautiful, the last thing you want is for a pest to come along and destroy your hard work. Unfortunately, though, that’s exactly what happens far too often. There are many pests that can damage your lawn, but one of the worst offenders is the mole. To stop mole damage before it happens, try the following five tips. 1. Remove Food Sources Moles eat grubs, worms, and insects. Although you can’t completely eliminate these animals from your property,

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how to get rid of moles yard garden

How to Get Rid Of Moles in Your Yard & Garden: 7 Effective Ways

Moles can cause severe damage to your lawn and landscaping if left unchecked. Here at Smith’s Pest Management, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners throughout California get rid of moles from their property. In this post, we’re sharing the exact strategies we use in the field for getting a mole-free yard and garden. Safety Considerations Before you get started with DIY mole control, keep these safety tips in mind: Safeguard toxic materials. If you are using poison to control moles, always store them in an area

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gopher removal portola valley

Gopher Removal In Woodside And Portola Valley

Smith’s Pest Management visits the communities of Woodside, Portola Valley, Menlo Park and Atherton every day of the week. We are the number one gopher and mole control company providing Woodside and Portola Valley gopher removal. We are licensed by the state, we have workers compensation and liability insurance, and our employees are thoroughly trained to get rid of gophers. Gopher Removal In Woodside And Portola Valley The process of gopher removal starts with a site inspection where we set traps deep underground and then flatten all the gopher

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