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san francisco bedbug problem

The Best Way To Deal With Bed Bugs In Your Monterey Bay Area Home

Bed bugs are one of the most feared and hated pests in Monterey Bay, California, and they have a reputation for being very difficult to deal with. While they might be small, these pests can infest throughout a home in no time, and trying to eradicate the entire infestation can be nearly impossible without assistance. Bed bugs are known for biting people while we sleep to get a blood meal. These bites can be itchy and annoying and even cause some health issues such as insomnia

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spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Towards A Pest-Free Monterey Home

Spring cleaning is a right step towards a pest-free home. As wonderful as the seasons are in Monterey, spring in Monterey isn’t as noticeable as it is in some of Northern California’s cities. We are lucky to experience a moderate climate controlled nicely by the ocean tides allowing us to enjoy time outdoors comfortably all year long. However, as spring approaches, pests internal clocks signal that it’s the season for reproduction causing many of them to search for a safe place with reliable food and

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tree squirrel control service

What San Francisco Bay Area Property Owners Need To Know About Squirrel Dangers

When property owners in the San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey think of pests, they likely think of the typical ones like spiders and wasps. However, there is one pest that is often ignored despite their ability to potentially cause problems. That nuisance is none other than the squirrel. While there are different breeds, the most common squirrels in the San Francisco area are: California ground squirrels: Also known as Beechey ground squirrels, this squirrel boasts a blend of gray, light brown, and dusky fur that has a

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a bed bug crawling on a mattress

How Did These Bed Bugs Get Into My San Francisco Bay Area Home?

How would you feel if a bunch of tiny hitchhikers hitched a ride on your body, came home with you, and then wanted to feed on your blood? Probably not great, right? Well, when you pick up bed bugs that’s essentially what happens. Bed bugs are small insects that infest homes in seemingly countless numbers. Once inside, they feed on the blood of the people living there (usually while you are asleep). Eliminating bed bug infestations from homes is extremely challenging. That’s why you need

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