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Keys To Maintaining A Pest-Free Santa Clara County Home All Year Long

If we gave you a pen and a piece of paper, how many pests could you name (or at least describe) that you have had to deal with within your home? How long would that list be? Our guess is that pests are a regularly occurring problem for you. Don’t worry, they are a regularly occurring problem for most homeowners. But we are here to help. Do you want to find out how you can maintain a pest-free home here in Santa Clara County year-round?

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yellow jacket

Yellow Jackets Are Worse In The San Francisco Bay Area This Time Of Year

It’s hard to think that yellow jackets could get any worse than they already are, but around this time of year, something is happening behind the scenes that makes them more aggressive than usual. As we head towards winter here in San Francisco, yellow jacket colonies are preparing their queens so that they can survive the colder months. This makes them extra protective and more aggressive toward anyone coming near their nests. This, combined with the fact that yellow jackets have had all summer to reproduce and

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meadow vole

Do I Have A Meadow Vole Problem – Or Something Else?

Meadow voles are small critters that can cause big problems—much bigger than you might expect. These are destructive animals that can have 5 to 6 babies every thirty days. It doesn’t take long for you to start seeing serious damage. The damage these critters do can help you figure out whether or not your yard pest is meadow voles.Do you see paths in your grass? If so, you could have meadow voles. These little 3 to 4 inch rodents chew runways in turfgrass. At first,

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mouse in san jose, ca home

Tiny Mice Can Cause Big Problems To Your San Jose Home

If you think about it, any kind of feral animal living inside your home would be bad. How much concern would it bring if feral dogs frequented your property, or if feral cats found shelter under your home on a regular basis? Our guess is that it would concern you greatly. Now, what if the feral creatures were much smaller? What if a mouse and its friends came to live in your home, staying out of sight during the day and coming out at night?

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