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Things You Are Doing to Attract Rodents to Your Monterey Home

If someone asked you if you are trying to invite rodents to spend the winter in your home, I’m sure you would say no. Unless you have a pet mouse or hamster, you probably are not hoping to start the new year with a host of rodents. But you may actually be inviting rodents into your home. Could you be allowing, or even attracting, rodents into your Monterey home? Rodent Invaders What kinds of rodents might end up in your home? You could have roof rats, which

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Guide To Avoiding Problems With Rats

When rats get into your home, they cause contamination as they leave feces and urine everywhere they go. They can chew through your walls and damage your belongings. If they chew through a wire, it could lead to a fire. Worst of all, rodents don’t come in alone. They bring ticks, fleas, lice, mites and other parasites. This can create even more opportunity for sickness. It is wise to do all you can to keep rat infestations from starting. Do you know how a rat infestation begins?

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house spider

Why Are People Afraid Of Spiders?

Look up any top ten list of phobias, and alongside the fear of heights and the fear of enclosed spaces, you’ll see the fear of spiders right near the top of the list. Arachnophobia has been around for centuries and causes people to do some crazy things. But why are people afraid of something as small as a spider? Arachnophobes In The News Most people are willing to admit that they’ve had an encounter or two with a spider that has, at the very least,

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pocket gopher control california

Identifying Gopher Problems On Your Oakland Property

If you’ve seen pictures of gophers, you may think they’re cute animals. If you see one in your yard, your first reaction might be excitement at seeing a new wild animal. However, as soon as you realize how much damage gophers can cause in your yard, you may change your mind. These animals are considered pests for a reason—because they cause serious damage to properties. In this article, we’ll cover some of the dangers of having gophers, and we’ll let you know how to save your

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