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a smiths pest management service technician treating a yard in california bay area for ground squirrels

Ground Squirrel Control That Is Healthy Schools Act Compliant

At Smith’s Pest Management, we have been developing our technique to eliminate ground squirrels with out poison. Our method is very safe, even for the squirrels…and our method is Healthy Schools Act compliant! We can drive them off the property to a place they belong without any side effects to you, the environment, or even the animals. Of course, poison has it’s place and sometimes its the best way, but in many cases repelling ground squirrels is all the customer wants and needs. We can clear out

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ground squirrel monterey

Put A Stop To Ground Squirrels Tearing Up Your Monterey Property

It is hard to maintain a beautiful lawn and landscaping, especially when lawn pests are around. Here in Monterey, one type of lawn pest, in particular, is being extra problematic. They are called ground squirrels, and the holes you are finding in your yard could be their dirty work. Want to find out for certain? Let’s take a closer look at ground squirrels, and see if we can help you find a way to get them off your property What Are Ground Squirrels? Ground squirrels are a

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ground squirrel poison

Ground Squirrel Poison As An Alternative To Trapping

When ground squirrels have taken over, poison can be an effective method for rapid population reduction. When the ground squirrels are under control, non-toxic control can resume. Smith’s non-toxic ground squirrel trapping is best for the environment, but it can be prohibitively expensive when dealing with dozens or even hundreds of ground squirrels. The CA Dept of Pesticide Regulation has strict rules on how ground squirrels can be eliminated. This link describes the approved ways to set up poison stations.’s Pest Management uses traps and or poison to quickly

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a smiths pest management service technician treating a home in los gatos california

Get Rid Of Gophers In Los Gatos, CA

We get rid of gophers in Los Gatos, CA every week; and here is why you should consider a gopher control program if you see gopher holes in your lawn. In Los Gatos we see many lawns and sports fields that have suffered gopher damage. These old gopher tunnels have sunken over time, creating a maze of ankle-twisting depressions that are very hard to see after the lawn has been mowed. Smith’s Pest Management, your bay area gopher guy suggest we get rid of gophers

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