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Why Call A Professional Trapping Service For Gopher Problems

Gophers are a serious problem for anyone who values their property’s agriculture, landscaping, and plant growth. Although gophers seem cute and harmless, anyone who has ever had gophers present and active on their property finds them otherwise. Here at Smith’s Pest Management, we offer effective and reliable services to manage gopher activity on your property year-round. Damage Gophers Cause By nature, gophers are herbivores, meaning they seek out and eat roots, trees, shrubs, grass, and other plants. This can be a major problem if you have agriculture

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Don’t Use Plain Chicken Wire For Raised Beds, Use Gopher Wire

Chicken wire can rust away in less then 3 years leaving you unprotected. Gophers will get into your raised beds as soon as they find the chicken wire has rusted away. Use stainless steel or double galvanized “gopher wire” which is made specifically to last in underground applications like lining raised beds, making gopher baskets, etc. I saw this article on the web today about lining your raised beds with chicken wire. I wanted to let our readers know of the shortcoming of chicken wire or sometimes

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Gophers Blamed For Injury To Schoolgirl In Fremont, CA

A young lady playing on the sports fields at Thornton High School in Fremont fell while running on a field heavily infested with gophers. Witnesses said it looked as though she fell because she tripped over a gopher pile or stepped in a gopher hole. Her family fears that she may not be able to play sports again due to the severe injury she sustained to her leg.  Apparently broken badly and requiring a titanium rod to repair.This exemplifies why it is so important to get rid

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Woodside And Portola Valley Gopher Removal

Smith’s Pest Management, formerly known as Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service, visits the communities of Woodside and Portola Valley as well as Menlo Park and Atherton every day of the week to eliminate gophers and other lawn destroying pests such as moles. We are the number one gopher and mole control company providing Woodside and Portola Valley gopher removal. We are licensed by the state, we have workers compensation and liability insurance, and our employees are thoroughly trained to get rid of gophers. The process of gopher removal starts with a site

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