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a smiths pest management service technician inspecting a yard in hillsborough california for gopher damage

Hillsborough, CA Gopher Removal And Mole Removal

We here at Smith’s Pest Management, “your Bay area gopher guys”, get a lot of calls for gophers an moles infestation in and around Hillsborough, California. This quintessential Peninsula community is a great example of what prime gopher and mole habitat looks like…yet it has fine landscapes and gardens sprinkled throughout. Of course, folks can’t tolerate burrowing pests in the garden so they call us and say “get rid of gophers and get rid of moles!” You see, gophers and moles love the bay area’s soils, plant species, and

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smith's pest management technician servicing a san francisco california bay area home

Woodside And Portola Valley Gopher Removal

Smith’s Pest Management, formerly known as Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service, visits the communities of Woodside and Portola Valley as well as Menlo Park and Atherton every day of the week to eliminate gophers and other lawn destroying pests such as moles. We are the number one gopher and mole control company providing Woodside and Portola Valley gopher removal. We are licensed by the state, we have workers compensation and liability insurance, and our employees are thoroughly trained to get rid of gophers. The process of gopher removal starts with a site

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