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a pocket gopher in a california bay area residential garden

Excluding Gophers From Your Garden

I came across a blog post today from the Contra Costa Master Gardener’s about what to do about gophers if you want to keep them out of your garden but not kill them. The article on excluding gophers can be found here. This comes up often. We understand the interest in not killing gophers or moles in the garden. The garden is about cultivating life!  Many gardeners refrain from the use of anything that is designed to kill, like herbicides and pesticides. A gopher trap is not a good solution for

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a pocket gopher emerging from a hole in a california bay area yard

Keep Gophers Out With An Underground Barrier Fence

We can keep gophers out by installing an underground barrier fence in your yard. Though it sounds difficult and expensive, oftentimes it is not. To keep gophers out of your sensitive areas we dig a trench two feet deep and install galvanized underground. The gopher wire can parallel fence lines, be put around gardens and under veggie beds before vegetables are planted. We can keep gophers out of any part of your yard so long as the soil can be excavate to install the fencing. If there are

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