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Why Gophers Are Still Active In The San Francisco Bay Area

The temperatures in the Bay Area are temperate all year long. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that ground-dwelling animals like gophers never become inactive. This means they can be a danger to your lawn, your ornamentals, or your crops, all year long. They are, however, more active in spring and fall. When rising temperatures warm the ground in spring, these pests start doing more digging. In the fall, when increased rain softens the soil, this can also make them more active. If you work hard

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California Pocket Gopher Identification & Control

California pocket gophers are burrowing pests that are extremely tricky to get rid of. They burrow underground and in their efforts to consume whatever they can find, destroy front lawns, backyards, and vegetable gardens. So how do you prevent gophers from damaging your property? At Smith’s Pest Management, we recommend knowing gopher activity looks like and how to tell if these pests are present. Warning Signs Of California Pocket Gophers Horseshoe shaped mounds of dirt on the ground Damage to grass, trees, plants, and flowers Water

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Gopher Removal In Woodside And Portola Valley

Smith’s Pest Management visits the communities of Woodside, Portola Valley, Menlo Park and Atherton every day of the week. We are the number one gopher and mole control company providing Woodside and Portola Valley gopher removal. We are licensed by the state, we have workers compensation and liability insurance, and our employees are thoroughly trained to get rid of gophers. Gopher Removal In Woodside And Portola Valley The process of gopher removal starts with a site inspection where we set traps deep underground and then flatten all the gopher

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