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Locally Owned Company Specializing In Burrowing Pests

You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a home services provider. Especially when dealing with pest control. Many pest control companies deal in ants and termites and rats and mice, but few are really specialists in eradicating gophers and moles. Even fewer still are the pest control companies that are locally owned and specializes in getting rid of gophers and moles. Enter Smith’s Pest Management, formerly Smith’s Gopher Trapping Service! Not only are we locally owned but we do nothing but trap (way better than poison) gophers, moles and voles

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gopher prevention

Monthly And Annual Gopher Removal Service Is A Great Value

Having your gopher trapping done in a proactive manner can save you a lot of lost plants and torn up landscaping. Plus your gopher guy will appreciate the ease of scheduling your work. Every year we have such a onslaught of new gopher calls starting in the spring. This large call volume slows in the fall and in the winter things can be pretty quiet. Gophers and moles do not hibernate, but their activity often does become less obvious in the colder months. The problem we and the customers face is,

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Excluding Gophers From Your Garden

I came across a blog post today from the Contra Costa Master Gardener’s about what to do about gophers if you want to keep them out of your garden but not kill them. The article on excluding gophers can be found here. This comes up often. We understand the interest in not killing gophers or moles in the garden. The garden is about cultivating life!  Many gardeners refrain from the use of anything that is designed to kill, like herbicides and pesticides. A gopher trap is not a good solution for

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raised bed

Don’t Use Plain Chicken Wire For Raised Beds, Use Gopher Wire

Chicken wire can rust away in less then 3 years leaving you unprotected. Gophers will get into your raised beds as soon as they find the chicken wire has rusted away. Use stainless steel or double galvanized “gopher wire” which is made specifically to last in underground applications like lining raised beds, making gopher baskets, etc. I saw this article on the web today about lining your raised beds with chicken wire. I wanted to let our readers know of the shortcoming of chicken wire or sometimes

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