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How To Tell If Your San Francisco Bay Area Home Has A Bed Bug Problem

Many pests can take you by surprise, but bed bugs are infamous for suddenly showing up and bewildering homeowners. You never know precisely where they came from. In many cases, San Francisco Bay Area and Monterey residents don’t know they have a problem until there’s a substantial infestation. It takes no time for bed bugs to fill a space. They procreate very quickly. While their tiny size can be one reason they easily sneak past people, they definitely leave a trail. Bed bugs are primarily

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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your San Francisco Bay Area Home

In many cultures it is normal to share a bed with other people, most often people who are in your direct family. It is less normal to share sleeping space with strangers. That is unless they are newly adopted kittens, dogs, or other adorable pets. Today we will be talking about one pest that loves sharing beds with people. To help you better understand these sleep-wrecking, blood-feeding insects, here are some things to consider, including the best way to get these pests out of your San

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