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how to get rid of yellowjackets

How to Get Rid of Yellowjackets in Your Yard: A Complete Guide [2024]

Yellowjackets are unwelcome visitors in any yard. These flying insects pack a painful sting, and their interest in your picnic table or frosty summer beverage is enough to make anyone squirm. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with troublesome yellowjackets forever. At Smith’s Pest Management, have helped San Francisco Bay Area customers eliminate yellowjackets in their homes and around their businesses for over 15 years. This blog will discuss how to get rid of yellowjackets and reclaim your outdoor space. Safety Considerations If there are

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yellow jackets monterey

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets On Your Monterey, CA Property

Your home is your safe place. If someone who wants to harm you tried to get inside, you would be well within your right to use force to keep them out. The same would not be true if you took residence in a shed that belongs to someone else. At that point, you would be on their property, and they would be the ones who would want you gone. This is a fairly simple concept to understand but is not grasped by yellow jackets. These

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yellow jacket in yard

How to Get Rid of Wasps in Your Yard & House [Updated July 2024]

Each year, wasps take over outdoor spaces throughout the country, making them difficult or impossible for people to use. Fortunately, you don’t have to resolve yourself to living with stinging wasps all summer. Smith’s Pests Management is here to help you reclaim your property. We provide yellow jacket control services to customers in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, so we know a thing or two about how to help people get rid of wasps and start enjoying the outdoors once more. In this blog, we’ll

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yellow jacket

Preventing Yellow Jackets In San Francisco Homes This Year

It might seem strange that a company that specializes in gopher trapping would know a lot about yellow jacket control but the two actually go together. Yellow jackets often build ground nests inside holes created by animals. And there are few animals that can compete with a gopher at making holes. So we’ve become somewhat of an authority on yellow jackets. Today, we’re going to talk about those gopher holes, as well as other holes that can make your San Francisco Bay area yard more susceptible to yellow jacket

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