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raccoon in yard

Why You Should Call The Pros About Wildlife On Your Monterey Bay Property

What is it that makes civilization civil and the wild, wild? It probably has something to do with the fact that humans are intelligent and have a basic set of morals. Animals, on the other hand, lack understanding and follow basic instincts to provide themselves the best opportunity to survive and thrive. This is best seen when wildlife finds their way onto properties. The question is, what should you do if you find a raccoon, groundhog, skunk, or other wild creature around your Monterey Bay property?

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mole in a bay area lawn

What Does Mole Damage Look Like?

It is difficult to say exactly what mole damage looks like because the damage caused by moles can sometimes be mistaken for damage caused by other lawn pests such as voles, rats, gophers, and ground squirrels. If you see patches of dead grass in your yard, that is a good sign that you have a mole problem but that dead grass could be the result of the burrowing efforts of another animal. It could also be damage done by grubs, which are the larvae of

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gopher damage

3 Reasons Gophers Get Into Bay Area Yards

You’ve spent years cultivating your backyard paradise. It’s finally just the way you’ve always envisioned it. You can’t wait to spend time enjoying the lovely space that you’ve put so much hard work into. But what if it all gets ruined by cute, furry, and quite destructive gophers? The following are three reasons gophers get into San Francisco yards and what you can do about it. 1. To Eat Your Plants Gophers are herbivores. If you’ve spent time planting and growing a beautiful garden – whether

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skunk in monterey ca

Here’s Why Skunks In Your Monterey Bay Area Yard Are More Dangerous Than You May Think

When it comes to skunks, everyone knows about the foul-smelling spray that they emit if they feel threatened. It’s so pungent you can tell if a skunk has sprayed in an area even if you’re only driving by it for a short moment. That means if you’re the target of the spray, well, you’re going to smell something awful for some time. But did you know that the awful smelling spray is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues caused by

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