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how to trap rats like a pro

How to Catch & Trap Rats like a Pro: 7 Easy Steps

If you’ve got rats in your house, you want to eliminate them as quickly as possible. After all, rats are destructive pests that carry diseases and can make your living space unpleasant. Fortunately, trapping rats is an effective way to get rid of invasive rodents and reclaim your home. At Smith’s Pest Management, we help customers in the San Francisco Bay area and Central Coast get rid of rats daily, so we know how to design effective trapping programs to eliminate infestations. In this blog,

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how to get rid of rats outside

How to Get Rid of Rats Outside: 10 Effective Ways

You’ve worked hard to curate a beautiful, welcoming outdoor space. The last thing you want is to share it with rats. Unfortunately, rats are very common outdoor pests. They can also be destructive and dangerous, gnawing plants, trees, and buildings and introducing diseases that can affect you and your pets. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with rats forever. At Smith’s Pest Management, we help people get rid of rats in their outdoor spaces every day, so we understand what it takes to eliminate even

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monterey rodent

Things You Are Doing to Attract Rodents to Your Monterey Home

If someone asked you if you are trying to invite rodents to spend the winter in your home, I’m sure you would say no. Unless you have a pet mouse or hamster, you probably are not hoping to start the new year with a host of rodents. But you may actually be inviting rodents into your home. Could you be allowing, or even attracting, rodents into your Monterey home? Rodent Invaders What kinds of rodents might end up in your home? You could have roof rats, which

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Why Call Smith’s Pest Management For Rodent Problems

All pests cause problems in a number of ways. Some pests cause annoyance, others pose serious health risks to you and your family. Some even threaten the foundational structure and inner workings of homes. It is rare that one can do all three, and yet there is one pest that does it effortlessly, rodents. Rodents are not only known for being one of the larger pests here in the Bay area but also for being one of the worst to have inside your home. Dangers &

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