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Things You Are Doing to Attract Rodents to Your Monterey Home

If someone asked you if you are trying to invite rodents to spend the winter in your home, I’m sure you would say no. Unless you have a pet mouse or hamster, you probably are not hoping to start the new year with a host of rodents. But you may actually be inviting rodents into your home. Could you be allowing, or even attracting, rodents into your Monterey home? Rodent Invaders What kinds of rodents might end up in your home? You could have roof rats, which

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Why Call Smith’s Pest Management For Rodent Problems

All pests cause problems in a number of ways. Some pests cause annoyance, others pose serious health risks to you and your family. Some even threaten the foundational structure and inner workings of homes. It is rare that one can do all three, and yet there is one pest that does it effortlessly, rodents. Rodents are not only known for being one of the larger pests here in the Bay area but also for being one of the worst to have inside your home. Dangers &

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One Mouse In My San Jose House Is No Big Deal, Right?

Whether you’re outright afraid of rodents or you just don’t like having them inside your home, these pests can cause some serious problems if they take up residence. One of the most common house-invading rodents in the world is the house mouse and, despite their tiny size, the dangers they pose are anything but small. House Mice: A Prolific Problem Mice are some of the most prolific pests around, by which we mean they can reproduce quickly and in large quantities. Female house mice average

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Tiny Mice Can Cause Big Problems To Your San Jose Home

If you think about it, any kind of feral animal living inside your home would be bad. How much concern would it bring if feral dogs frequented your property, or if feral cats found shelter under your home on a regular basis? Our guess is that it would concern you greatly. Now, what if the feral creatures were much smaller? What if a mouse and its friends came to live in your home, staying out of sight during the day and coming out at night?

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