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ground squirrel poison

Ground Squirrel Poison As An Alternative To Trapping

When ground squirrels have taken over, poison can be an effective method for rapid population reduction. When the ground squirrels are under control, non-toxic control can resume. Smith’s non-toxic ground squirrel trapping is best for the environment, but it can be prohibitively expensive when dealing with dozens or even hundreds of ground squirrels. The CA Dept of Pesticide Regulation has strict rules on how ground squirrels can be eliminated. This link describes the approved ways to set up poison stations.’s Pest Management uses traps and or poison to quickly

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ground squirrel monterey

Why Keeping Squirrels Out Of Your San Francisco Bay Area Yard Is So Important

Chubby cheeks and fluffy tails might fool you into thinking these animals are cuddly backyard companions, but their dangerous behavior and destructive actions speak louder than their public image. Squirrels are some of the most common wildlife you can find hanging around the Southern Bay area. Measuring about the same size as a common house rat (seven inches long without the tail), these mammals can appear in color variations of brown, grey, black, and white. Their long, fur-covered tails and large buck teeth make them

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bubonic plague ground squirrel

Bubonic Plague and Ground Squirrels in California: What You Need to Know

For many, the Bubonic Plague sounds like something out of ancient history. For some California residents, though, it’s become a modern reality. On August 20 of this year, state officials announced that a person in the South Lake Tahoe area had contracted the Plague – the state’s first case of the disease in five years. Spread by rodents, especially the ground squirrel, the Plague presents a genuine health risk for California residents and their families. While the presence of the Bubonic Plague in ground squirrels in California

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