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Arborist Consultation Services

Our horticultural evaluations look at irrigation, soil and the landscape as a whole. (Hint: They’re all interrelated).

Thinking of your landscape as an ecosystem, we look at all components together: soil, irrigation, sun, shade, microclimate, trees, lawn, and pavement. Our consultation will help determine how the elements of your yard work together or against each other. We then prescribe a plan of action!

By the time trees are looking ill, the problem has been going on for a long time. It’s important to have trees and landscaping evaluated on a regular basis to help head-off disease issues from the source.

A property owner, or manager has a lot of responsibilities beyond tree care and garden maintenance. So there should be some professional involved on an ongoing basis who is looking at the landscaping, the irrigation system, the soil condition, and the health of the trees, shrubs and lawn.

Smith’s provides this essential service. We will partner with you to make year-round assessment of your landscape asset. Reviewing the needs of your trees, checking on your irrigation system, and prescribing the next round of fertilization, mulching, composting etc.

Contact Smith’s today to learn how we can steer your trees and landscape to better health!

Jack J. - Santa Cruz, CA

“My home is surrounded by an orchard. Hundreds of gophers. I have a lawn and a Japanese garden. I have tried to control the gophers myself, upon failing, I hired three companies, who also failed. I discovered Smith’s. They saved my lawn and garden. Nice people too. Worth the money. Trap three or four every month. It is either them or no lawn and garden.”